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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Screamin' Trees!
Roger, notching an impressive 3 round PR on "Nate".

Becky putting on an impressive performance. 18 rounds on Nate and doing slightly modified HSPU's one month in. To put that in perspective, a lot of the women at the Crossfit games were cut because they couldn't do one full depth HSPU for the AMRAP wod. Keep an eye on this girl, she's going to be some kind of monster very soon.


Rest Day
Make up Day
Burpee Broad Jump 50 ft.
Tire flip 50 ft.
200 m Overhead Carry (45lb/ 25lb)
3 rounds for time

Why haven't you signed up for Fight Gone Bad IV, yet? We're almost a 1/4 done with our fundraising and it's not too late to help out. Do you have any questions about it that we could answer?
There has been talk of a Labor day pool WOD/ party. Who of you out there would be interested?
Torn calluses suck, they hurt and make life difficult for a few days. Here's my triage guide to deal with torn calluses.
1. Tear the skin flap off. Within 15 to 30 minutes, grab it and pull it off. You want to get this dead, torn skin off your hands and I find that tearing it does a better job than cutting, especially since cutting leaves a ridge of skin that will have to be cut or filed down eventually. If you have a blister that hasn't torn yet, leave it. If you have to drain it by piercing it in one spot and then covering with gauze. It will heal better with the skin over top of it.
2. Also in this time frame your going to want to disinfect and clean the wound. Use whatever you like, in the gym we use Bacitine, which works well. Speaking from personal experience I'd avoid Hydrogen Peroxide. What a torn callus is is basically a burn, a friction burn, and you want to treat it the same way you'd treat a burn.
3. The next couple of hours are going to suck and be painful. You might want to have some non-stick gauze pads around as your wounds will have some drainage. Tea bags also work. I've also found that some pain relieving Neosporin really helps. For the next 24 hours you're going to want to try and keep the wound covered either with Neosporin and gauze or some Second skin. Having your hands bandaged up is gonna look weird in an office environment, but if you've told your co-workers anything about Crossfit than they already think you're weird. What 2nd skin or neosporin is doing is keeping the wound covered and moist for the first 24 hours. This promotes healing and well let you do things like pick up a glass and use a fork normally
4. After those first 24 hours the only thing that will help is time. Don't expect to be back to the gym for a little bit. Expose it to the air, let it breath. keep it clean and freak your friends out with your battle wounds. Hands are especially prone to painful cracking when those torn callus are healing. Keep 'em well moisturized and it will mitigate this.
Good luck.


  1. Hang Power Clean=190lbs. PR for me. Had the honor of training with Chuck Carswell, ofcourse he hit a 230lb. HPC.

  2. Great write up Paul! I'll be your poster child.