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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Front Squat


FGBIV. $230 short of our goal. Still plenty of time to donate. We'll be doing Fight Gone Bad at Noon on Saturday 26, 2009. We're going to have multiple heats going through so come early and we'll get you scheduled in. Afterwards if you can eat we'll have Food and Drink since it's also our grand opening.

Weightlifting Notes:

  • Shoes: I still see plenty of people lifting in tennis shoes. We've discussed this before and talked about ills of lifting on a marshmellow. But here's a great video from VS Athletics showing exactly what we see when you lift in tennis shoes. Barefoot, Chucks or lifting shoes, anything else and you're really missing pounds on a heavy day. Next time your warming upa heavy day take your shoes off and really pay attention to your body. If you don't feel more stable than put 'em back on.

  • Jumps: The only way to get really good at figuring out where to make jumps in weight is plenty of experience under the bar doing the kind of lifting we do in here. And even then it is never a sure thing. There are a host of factors that influence our decisions in making jumps. From how you feel that day to your form on the lift to a certain something in the air that's not second hand smoke, everything has an influence. It's important that you communicate with us how the lift felt (more than just "heavy") and that you have faith in us where we tell you to make jumps. That's what you pay us for.

  • Mindset: 75% of heavy lifting is mental. A strong mind can make up for weaker muscle, but a weak mind (that's scared of the weight, unsure or what not) can overpower strong muscles everytime, especially at a Rep Max (RM). Approach that bar liked it call your mom a dirty name and be aggressive with it. Fake aggression if you have to. But know that you're going to make that lift. I've heard it termed white hot focus. You have to go to a very deep and quiet place mentally to lift heavy weights well. Use whatever you need to get there.

  • Missing: You're going to miss, it happens quite often especially if you're doing progressive jumps trying to get to a Rep Max for the day, which is how we treat strength days in here. The important thing for a miss is that you fix what you did wrong and then forget about the missed rep for the rest of the session. Don't let it weigh you down (pun intended).


  1. Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5?
    Does this mean I have 10 more reps to make up?

  2. I bet Krissi can't do Double Dutch! How about that?!!

  3. Don,
    Sorry that's a typo I was thinking 5x3 and got confused. It was early.

    Some workouts you power through and some workouts you just survive. Today was one of the later. My double under is slow, awkward and just bad. I can get 1 and then I have to start over. I dream of having Krissi's dexterity with the rope.

    (Whipped by) Annie RX

    Probably should have scaled this one down, but I needed the work on double unders. I'm not sure I got that, but I certainly got something done. Very slowly. And I have the welts to prove it.

  4. Today

    Ohhhhh boy. Sweet, sweet Barbara. She chewed me up and spit me out. As I lay twitching on the ground, moaning in pain, I have nothing but respect and admiration for her. God, I love a domineering woman.
    38 even

    Think I will need a couple rest days after that one. Maybe an ice bath today to ease the pain.

    Amazing double unders Krissi.

  5. Paul, perseverance is what Crossfit is aaaalll about brotha. Way to grind it out!


    Thank God I got it on video or I would'nt believe it myself. Extra motivation with Chuck coming to crush it with me. Big PR.

  6. wtf nate! 2:30. that is ridiculous. seriously, did you rest for even a second? that has to be some kind of record for human beings. man, wish i was there for that. off to hike then we are gonna hit a grinder our trainer made up. the local news station will be there to nite to do a story on the gym, so we are gonna throw down. i am gonna try and throw up on camera. og course i wil be wearing my cfss shirt!!

  7. Nate, I want to see the video!!