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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rest Day


Max Box Jump Competition

Standing or Running Start


3 rounds for time:

30 box Jumps 20"

25 Dumbbell Push Press 50 lbs.

20 pull ups

FGBIV. $240 is all we need. Donate.

Proprioception -N, Physio. from the latin Proprius meaning one's own. The ability to sense the position and location and orientation and movement of the body and its parts.

The reason we don't have any mirrors in here is because we are trying to establish prioperception. We're asking you to develop a sense of how your body moves in space, for example asking you to imagine what your lumbar curve is doing when you can't look at it. When you lose tightness across your shoulders in a front squat but you have no idea you did it, that is a loss of Proprioception. It's an easier skill to develop than a muscle up and one that is very necessary. All you need to do is notice how one position varies from the other and when they change. If you have a butt wink in your squat or drop your hips in the pushup, you have to have some idea that your doing it to fix it. Do a few reps with poor form, then do a few reps with exacting form. Try and notice the difference in which muscles are tight and which aren't, what parts of your body need to be where to get it right . Once you can notice the difference that is prioperception. Now extend that sort of testing to every movement we do in here and you'll begin to get closer to perfect form. -Paul Siegel


  1. Paul or Nate: Don't forget to put my 215 pound Front Squats on the board for yesterday. I didn't check before I left.

    And don't forget Vilas' either.

    Thanks brotha.


  2. Rest Day... and I need it.