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Monday, September 14, 2009

Double Unders
FGBIV. We're $270 dollars short of our goal. Now's the time to really dig deep so we can make our goal. 11 Days and then it's go time.
We haven't talked about eating on here in awhile. For those of you doing paleo, the bountiful summer harvest is coming to a close with fall right around the corner. If you're doing Paleo, you should be trying to eat as local and as close to the season as possible. That way you're getting fruits and vegetables at the peak of freshness. Most of us forget that fruit shouldn't be available in the winter. Supermarkets have destroyed the idea of growing seasons, why worry about seasons when you can get fresh fruit from Australia, Chile, Brazil? Mainly because the nutritional profile of these imported foods are not as good as local food in season. Not to mention the environmental damage of all that transportation. So what's a smart Paleo crossfitter to do? The answer for most of us, who don't own working farms, is that we comprise. You're guiding question on eating Paleo is "What would a cave man do?". The answer is probably not popping down to Publix for something fresh. If you been used to eating berries and other citrus start thinking about switching to apples and pears. If you'd like to keep that fresh taste through the winter, most fruit freezes very well. Other tree fruit will be coming into season throughout the winter, keep an eye out for them. Remember it's just a few short months of winter, so go ahead and try some other stuff out there. Root vegetables will usual be available for a large part of the year and are mainly in season. A great book to look at on this subject is Barbara Kingslover's "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle".
On another paleo note, I've been looking into buying some grass fed beef (which is available throughout the year). It's much cheaper the more you order. However I don't have the space to store half a cow. If anyone else is interested in getting an order together, talk to me a the gym or post on the blog. I'm just judging interest right now and not talking specifics.


  1. Once again "Barbara" c r u s h e d me..=CTB 23:59. Waaaaaaaahhh, can someone change my dipiee?

  2. Nate don't you mean Mantie's?

    225 lbs.
    HSPU's mod. Toes on Box.

    I liked this workout. The HSPU got harder as my hamstrings got more and more sore. Turned into more of an incline pushup and less of a HSPU. Aimed for virtuosity w/ intensity, got as close as I could.

  3. Thats really good Paul. I did Diane yday and my arms buckled and I fell doing the box HSPUs. It was awesome. I also found out the hard way that I have no shoulder strength.

  4. Yesterday - Diane 6:17
    Deadlift 160#
    Toes on Box HSPU
    Definitely should have gone higher weight in the deadlift department

    Squat 3x3 - 45x5x2,95x3,135,155,175,185,195(f)

    Push Press, 95#
    GHD Sit Ups
    Pull Ups

    Back Squat didn't move. Hmmmm.....

  5. yo!!!! we hiked mt. garfield yesterday, wich has a vertical of 2000 ft in under two miles. nasty steep. then we did 333333 of cleans. i pr'ed with 195, and kristen got 105!! pr for her too. wish we could have been there for barbara...not. we didn't do it at our gym. the trainer here runs his own program which is kind of weird, but the equipment is real limited, so he makes up a work out everyday. hope everyone is well!