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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 rounds for max reps:

Body weigh bench press
pull ups
Body weigh back squat

score is all reps for all exercises in all rounds


3 Rounds of:

15 Burpees

21 Pull-ups

30 Goblet Squats, 70lbs(50lbs.)

There has been a lot of attention given to the Fight Gone Bad fundraiser and the actual workout over the last few months. We have talked about your old P.R.'s and coming in to compete against each other and yourselves, but I do not feel as if there has been enough attention given to why we are doing this. Doing FGB on Saturday should be more than just another workout for all of us. Our concerns and motives should not be only for ourselves this time around. The money we raised is not for our own pride or feelings of accomplishment, it is for the people in our lives who are fighting a battle with cancer or with aftermath of injuries incurred while fighting for our country. We need to put aside our own selfish reasons for being out there on Saturday and instead think of all those souls who are having their own fight with an unimaginable enemy. So, I ask that all of us show up for FGB with them in mind. Think of someone in your life that is in this struggle and do it for them. Your P.R. isn't as important as simply showing support for those who need it. If your on the fence or simply scared of competing, change your mindset and be there for our friends, family or colleagues who need you.


  1. Couldn't make it in today. My travel schedule flipped - so I'll see you all on Friday.

  2. Becky, thanks, i'll take any congraTS after freakin "Daniel". Woooo, awful! Chris, no worries, see you in the am. Day off fur me today, yesterday hit "Chad's ab"6:55 on abmat. One of the only CrossFits I don't RX due to ghd sits. 2morrow aaalll the presses the deads on Friday .

  3. I guess this one way to end a killer strength cycle.
    press, dead lift and this thing, oy.
    Feeling very under the weather, so no gym and no workout.
    Hopefully be back in Thursday morning.

  4. haha! i got to do chad's absolution instead. Doing situps and listening to Nate's other life as a serial streaker is rhabdo waiting to happen