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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dead lift

FGBIV. This Saturday at Noon. We're $130 short of our goal.

We're still open and dry after all this rain.

Just to re-iterate for Saturday:
Who: You, Friends and Family
What: FGBIV.
When: Saturday September 26th. Heats start at Noon so come early.
Where: Crossfit Sandy Springs (270 carpenter drive)
Why: To support Wounded Warriors and Athletes for a Cure
Cost: $5 per person for those not working out. This'll be for BBQ and beer after the workout.


  1. I am disappointed I can't make Saturday. I love that workout! Should be a great time!

    I am shooting for 400 pounds for deadlift today.

    Paging Mike Page. I am expecting a 500 pounds deadlift picture for the website tomorrow. Get'em buddy.

  2. I'm good twice a year for that...

  3. I did 315lb deadlift for final set today. Might had been able to do 325-330 but was doing it on my own so did not feel as comfortable as if I was with Nate or Chace.

    Aquinas Heard

  4. NATE! Awesome time on Monday! Great to get back in the gym this morning. Thanks for the push from everyone. :)