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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing like the smell of bumpers in the morning.
Rest Day
Make Up Day


3 rounds for time:
400m Medicine Ball Carry
21 Medicine Ball Clean

In a marathon race, the Crossfitter will always lose to the marathoner. In a powerlifting meet a Crossfitter will always lose to the dedicated powerlifter. When you combine the two: a duathlon of marathon and powerlifting, the Crossfitter will destroy both.
This is an excellent example of sport specific training trumping general training. The general nature of Crossfit doesn't allow enough frequency and specificity of training to truly excel anywhere in rigorous competition against dedicated athletes. In a casual competition (the neighborhood 5k, A small powerlifting meet, a casual pick-up game of soccer, basketball, ultimate frisbee) you'll do alright .We did a 2k row recently. Some of you wondered how to improve your times, it's really quite simple: The more 2k's you pull the better at 2k's you get. Of course your Olympic and power lifts suffer, but for a rower that's besides the point. To get better at any sport from Curling to Jai-alai you need to play that sport. This doesn't equate to not needing general conditioning however.
Due to the general nature of Crossfit we can enter any sport and with a little bit of specificity, excel. Think of it as building a house, Crossfit is a strong, deep foundation of Aerobic base, Strength and Power. Not to mention the ability to endure suffering. Once you have that general base you can put any sort of sport (or house) on it and it will be stronger, longer and faster. My metaphor is a little muddled, but the message should come through as this: With Crossfit we are building do-all-athletes, prepared to do anything in any sport. You can come out of a year of Crossfit and play in any competitive league sport in the nation. And do well
Let's get the marathoner under the bar squatting, let's get the powerlifter out running. Ultimately they will both benefit in their sport and in their life.


  1. Not to mention the mental tenacity to train longer, harder, faster than any of the people doing the other sport you are moving into.

    Okay, lots of workouts to post.

    Richard B. Russell Olympic Triathlon
    Not a great race, but was kind of expecting that and not looking forward to it. Broke through some mental barriers on the run though which was great.

    21 or 22 minutes, can't remember exactly
    MOD Muscle-ups from knees

    Did a little experimentation with intermittent fasting between the workout and brunch.

    First muscle-up. Hell yeah
    Push Press 7x1
    5x45,3x75,1x95,115,135,145,150,155(f),155 PR

    Who's up for a CrossFit Labor Day gathering? Pool and some grilling? Let's get the ball rolling.

  2. Excellent post. I've only recently began practicing Crossfit, but I'm already a firm believer in its extraordinary benefits. In a short time, I've realized that Crossfit is the holy grail of fitness for individuals who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). In BJJ the best competitive practitioners have the cardiovascular endurance of marathon runners, and the strength of power lifters. An example of this type of athlete is Rubens Charles aka "Cobrinha".

    As a side note. I read these blog posts religiously, and I always enjoy them.

  3. Jonathon, Congrats on your first muscle up and I'd be down for some labor day grilling. Let me know times and dates and I'll put it up on the blog.

    Thanks for the compliment, Anonymous. I try hard on the blog and it's good to hear someone's reading out there. Have you been to the gym yet? Come on by sometime.

    Split Snatch

    145 Miss
    145 Miss

    Push Press
    170 MISS

  4. I'll second the great blogs by Paul! Great variety and intersting info. Keep it coming!