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Thursday, August 20, 2009


150 Wallball (20lbs.)

for time

The affiliate will be participating in Fight Gone Bad IV, We'll have more information and ways to sign up as soon as we know. Watch this space!

FGBIV is raising money for Wounded Warriors and Athletes for a Cure, which is a subsidiary of Prostate Cancer Research. We'll be doing the workout on September 26, 2009 which is a Saturday. We'll do the workout and then grill out, drink up some adult beverages (juice for the kids) and enjoy the post exercise euphoria with friends and families.

Satori, is a concept in Buddhism when a practitioneer first recognizes the essential nature of Buddha. It translates as a "Sudden Flash of Awareness". I believe that in Crossfit there are also Satori moments. The movements we do are complex multi joint compound movements. Nothing is simple. Most everyone struggled with Double Unders when they first started. Just think of that, all of you brilliant well educated people (and your humble writer) struggling with a simple piece of rope. And if it wasn't that then it was Cleans, Jerks, Deadlifts, Squats, running, rowing the list can go on infinitely. Rest assured you will meet your goat somewhere in here. But one day it will just make sense, everything will click, it will become effortless. But much as the Buddhist monks didn't realize their infinite Buddha nature by leading their everyday lives, you may not reach your Crossfit Satori without practice. Days, Weeks, Months of practice. Think of it as working meditation. And you'll have to put in a lot of it.

But one day you'll be working your clean and you'll get one just right, perfect. This is your Kensho moment. Your first peak at what is to come, keep working and you too will conquer these movements, reach virtuosity and maybe get a little taste of Crossfit Satori.


  1. Can't wait for todays workout!

    And Paul let me know about the Fight Gone Bad event. I want to sign up for sure and also my dad had that Cancer recently so it will be worth the charity alone.


  2. Yesterday CFSS WOD 9:55

    Today "Karen" 10:33 i think

    Jared, think you got a good shot at this one.


    I have been reading up on Strength Bias programming today, and am gonna work on putting together some templates. Not sure if I will start the cycle until October though, when I get back from my trip, but thinking of going ahead and working a little more strength ME before WODs to ramp into the volume.

  3. Forgot to say, that Karen friggin' wrecked me. Maybe it was going last night, then this morning, but I am exhausted. Definitely can tell I was using the hip pop to get the ball up there. Looking forward to sitting on my ass tomorrow, maybe an ice bath.

  4. Karen was rough. Went out too high too hard. !4:40

    Had the whole elvis, newborn calf thing going on down the stairs.


    Let me know when you want to start. I can wait until October. I've been lookin to start this for awhile.