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Monday, August 10, 2009

Four rounds:
800 meters
rest as needed between attempts

We talk a lot about diet in the gym and on the blog. One of the men on the frontlines of revolutionizing diet is Gary Taubes. His book "Good Calories, Bad Calories" has no original research done for it, it is merely a summary of the diet and science know to that point. It is amazing what we don't know in regards to diet. The empirical research, Taubes suggest, has not been done and what has been done was flawed and biased. Check out a talk of his here.

Another thing to remember is that if you mess on your diet, "cheat" as it were you shouldn't get too down on yourself about it. Everyone, everyone falls off a diet. You're not any worse off, you're not going to get fat, you're not going to get slow and weak. Pick yourself up, recognize what you did and why, learn from it and move on. You'll be fine.


  1. Friday
    Made up a travel WOD

    400m run
    50 squats
    100m Overhead carry a rock (probably 45# or more)
    25 Deadlifts with Rock
    100m Overhead Carry
    50 Squats
    400m run


    The odd object lifting was fun, think we should get more of this going on at the gym. Pretty entertaining for the pedestrians coming down the street too.

  2. Right on Jonathan! That sounds like a nasty one. Today, Deadlift 5x5=305

  3. According to the Path Profiler on Google Maps (which shows change in elevation), the 800m pole is 50 feet higher than today's start line, and the hill up to it is about a 15% grade (meaning the road goes up 15 feet for every 100 horizontal feet).

    Just thought that might make you feel better about today's accomplishments...

  4. My Accomplishment is that I am still breathing after today