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Friday, August 7, 2009

Rest Day

4 rounds for time of:
50 feet Broad Jump
15 Uneven Thrusters (85 lbs total for both hands( 55 lbs))
50 feet Broad Jump
Farmer's Carry Up and Down Hill 70 lb. Dumbbells, 55 lb. Dumbbells
15 Pullups

Ice is one of the best recovery techniques for inflammed irrated tissue now on the planet. Think of it not only as a remedy for acute injuries, but also as a means to recover quickly. I'd like to say that I am in no way a medical professional, you should always do what your doctor or other licensed health care professional tells you. That said, there are 4 levels of Icing.

  1. Contrast Hydrotherapy. I've written about this before. In the shower turn the water as cold as you can take it for as long as you can before going full heat. Repeat 3-5 times. I find this is a great way to loosen stiff muscles up.
  2. Icing. This is the general icing you've done for sprains and injuries. We've all heard of the bag of peas trick, I've find that frozen meat works better for me. Ice is obviously preferred, the smaller the size of cube the better. But don't dismiss using some frozen steaks or pork lion. Put a towel between you and the ice so you don't get frostbite. 10-20 minutes allowing the body to come back to temperature before icing again. 5 times a day should be seen as a minium especially with acute injuries. If you've got a little strain or are feeling especially sore throw some ice on there. I'm pretty sure it can't hurt.
  3. Ice massage. Take an insulated disposable cup like the styrofoam coffee cup fill it with water and freeze it. What've you created is a giant ice cube. This is great for acute injuries. take that ice cube and rub it exactly on the spot that hurts and nearby vicinity. Make sure to keep the ice moving. keep a towel around for the melt and go for 5-10 minutes. The cold penetrates deeper, massages tight muscles and is much more efficent than general icing.
  4. Ice Bath. Not for the faint of heart. Try this if your legs, arms or body is absolutely destroyed and you need to recover quickly. Buy 20-30 lbs. of ice (around $5). Fill your bath tub with cold water and the ice. Submerge. It's really that simple. the first 3 minute is the hardest and you need to do at least 10 minutes if not longer to feel the benefits. Speaking personally, I found it pretty refreshing once my toes regained feeling.

If you've got your own tips and tricks post to comments so that others may benefit.

Sorry for the late post. There will be no Sunday class. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks to everyone for their help today.


  1. did my last official workout at the old crossfit studio today. it was awesome. me and chace did the grinder from saturdays comp. chace killed it of course with me not too far behind. lookin forward to the move tomorrow and all that awaits! so glad to have gotten to be a part of something from its start and will definately miss the great times at the old evolution place! thanks nate and chace for your passion, and enthusiasm for crossfit and for people. you guys have made it so fun the last two years! can't wait for it to continue in the new place as a crossfit only gym! thanks nate for following your heart and setting an example for everyone else! this WILL be a successful endevour no matter what, brother! you guys are the best, ryan

  2. Thank you Ryan and Kristen for being CrossFit Sandy Spring's FIRST guinea pigs/victims. I am so very grateful for your friendship and having such competitive ass whoopin training partners. I know that our paths will cross again soon. Thank you for all your support and, most of all, believing in us!

    your bud, nate