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Thursday, August 6, 2009

3 rounds:

21 L-pullups
3 L-rope climbs 15 ft

"If I have seen further it is only be standing on the shoulder of giants."
-Sir Isaac Newton
Make sure you talk to Nate, Chace or Paul about Saturday's workout.
Check this post on Intensity from Jeff Martin, creator of Crossfit Kids (the only cert you need a criminal record check for), head trainer at Crossfit Brand X and general all around badass.
Two of my favorite quotes: "NEVER walk away from the bar! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!"
and "Just Finish it. When Most people set the bar down, they wait until they feel better until they pick it up again. You will not feel better until the thing is done. Might as well get back on the bar do the work required and finish the thing."
Rest is an allusion of control in the frenetic pace of a workout, the clock never stops moving forward, neither should you. Hope everyone is recovering from a rough 3 days.

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