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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rest day


Make-up a 


"Paul's Day O' Pain"
(You have to show up to find out.)

Cobrinha making handstand push-ups look easy.
Diego and our newb Eric having fun with plyometrics. It's great to have you with us Eric.

Make sure you are checking back regularly because, we will be posting a lot of announcements on the blog in the next few weeks. 
How was the run yesterday for those of you who did not make it in? Did you do a 5K or 10K? What was your time? We want to know, so post it to the comments for today.
 I hope everyone is ready for this weekend and going down to the Cobb Galeria to participate in the challenge. Nate and Paul will be down there volunteering throughout the day, so make sure to hook up with them about arrival times. Also, tomorrow there will be a voting link on the blog for the t-shirt quote. So, if you have any last minute ideas make sure to post them to the comments on the site by tonight. 
Last thing is just a reminder that Saturday classes will be cancelled in light of the challenge. Even if you do not plan on participating in the workout make sure you head down there at least for an hour to show support for your CrossFit community and of course all those competing from our gym. Sunday we will be open for one hour as usual. That hour will be announced on Saturday's blog.


  1. Vilas- 2mi. 25:21
    Jared- 5K 19:03
    Steve- 5K 35:19
    Lindsey- 5K 34:40
    Alison- 10K 1:08:58

    Nice job everyone!

  2. ~2.5 mile run/walk ~40 minutes

    didn't time it, didn't really want to. Plan on going relatively slowly for the next couple of months. Not bad for six months after surgery.

    Hope everyone enjoyed my creation.

  3. Chace and Paul:

    Slogan Ideas for our next shirt:

    1-Train Like A Champion
    2-Exercise Bliss
    3-Have you met my friend Chuck?
    4-Till it Hurts
    5-Bring on the Pain
    6-Bigger, Faster, Stonger, Crossfit Sandy Springs
    7-Jared is a lot cooler than Krissi
    8-1 More Round
    9-How many Burpees do you want me to do?
    10-Tears Optional