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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10K(6.2mi.) Run

Come in to the gym and run the mile route if you like or head down to columns dr. and run the 5k loop by the river.

Gym route

Right on roswell rd.

Right on Hammond

Right on Sandy Springs Cr.

Right on Hilderbrand

Repeat three times

Columns dr.

To get to Columns from the gym:

Left on Roswell rd.

Left on Johnsferry rd.

After you cross over the river, Columns dr. is on your left. Drive all the way to the dead end and park in the gravel lot. The route starts at the parking lot continues all the way down to the opposite parking lot and back down the other side of the trails. Post your times to the comments.

4,5 and 6 p.m. classes will meet Chace at Columns Drive. We will start every run no later than 30 min. after the hour. Chace will also have a cooler full of water, but you will need to bring $3 cash for parking. If you're unable to go to Columns text Chace (or leave a note in comments), Nate and I will be in the gym at the normal times, so if you need to run at the gym we will be available. Also, if you have a stop watch, find your favorite running route and clock yourself. Post your times to the comments.

Today is the last day for T-shirt suggestions, we're gonna vote tomorrow!

Nothing we do in here is easy, olympic lifts in particular are hard compound functional movements and we saw a bit of frustration yesterday. None of you, absolutely none of you, should ever feel bad about having trouble with a lift, a workout or anything else in here. It happens, sometimes the gravity's higher or your legs refuse to move fast enough. That's okay. It isn't life or death in here, have fun: relax, stop thinking and just move the bar or do the next rep. The very nature of Crossfit makes it hard enough, it takes the strongest men and women and shows us were they're weak. It does the same thing to everyone else. Getting down on yourself won't help at all. We are all united in fighting our weaknesses whether you're a firebreather whose been at it for months or a newbie fresh off your first workout. Enjoy the fight.


  1. Rest day for me, thank God.

  2. Monday "Cindy" 11 rounds
    2 below my PR, poor performance, but my pullups have gone to shit. It happens.

    Yesterday C&J Ladder, 95#
    5+5, Felt good on this one. Feel stronger in the front squat and believe my technique is getting better on the clean

  3. I did war with my goat this morning and ran the 10K in 62.48 min. Still no Kenyan but getting better...


  4. T-shirt ideas: Wasn't feeling creative, but here are a few from online...

    Nice snatch!


    B.Y.O.B (Bring your own bucket)

    and: "Crossfit; Even meatheads are doing it!" (that's mine)

  5. Here is my idea:
    "You must always push the limits - in order to succeed you must fail"

  6. 10k 52:10

    Felt like shit on this run, and I am definitely feeling it today. Was hoping for a sub 50, but you have your good days and you have your bad days.

  7. 10K 49:37

    First 10K ever!! Felt pretty good, almost set a new P.R. on the first loop of the 5K route. Thought I was going to puke the entire last mile.

    Awesome job to everyone who ran out at Columns yesterday. I had a lot of fun with you guys and hope you did the same.