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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Clean and Jerk Ladder
135 lbs.
Do 1 Clean and Jerk the first minute, 2 the second minute and so on until you can't complete the prescribed number of reps in the minute.
You should all be going to the Georgia Fitness Challenge. Seriously, the gym will be closed. Where else are you going to get a workout?
Let's take about Hip Function. We always discuss hip function as a terms of being open but do you really understand what that means? I was giving an anatomical cue that has worked for me that I'd like to pass on. If you can contract and actively fire your glutes and hamstrings when you are standing up than your hips are open ( When I say contract I mean pinch together). Try this: Drop down into a 1/4 squat. Try and engage your glutes as you stand up, you wont be able to. Come up in a little bit at a time and try and fire your glutes, note when you are able to. Now do a full squat and actively fire at the top. That is what we mean when we say open your hips.


  1. Looks like you killed it Chace! Did you get a pr on #rounds?

  2. Did Saturday's 10wallball,10GHD,10hipext. modified ghd's to ball slam situp=15rds. Good one!

    Chad, those pics are from yesterday's "Cindy", Chace got 21rds with chest to bar.

  3. You guys are animals. I did 12, soon I will be close enough to you guys to slip on your sweat trails at 15 rounds! Great job and encouragement!

  4. yeah, I kind of got a new Pr. last time I did "Cindy" I got 22 rounds, but not chest to bar.

  5. Way to go Nate & Chace! You guys are inspiring!