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Friday, July 31, 2009

20 minutes AMRAP
400 minutes
Max Pullups
Gym will be Closed Tomorrow August 1
No pictures today because the main computer is farked up.

I wanted to bring to your attention something today that is not intense or constantly varied but it is functional. Ocean rowing is something of a small past time at my alma mater, and some of my friends are attempting to do the next Woodvale Atlantic race. What they intend to do is take four people and cross the Atlantic in a small boat carrying all their food, survival supplies and whatever else they'll need. They're also trying to break the women's record of 51 days. Their team is called Rowing for the Environment check 'em out. They're looking for corporate sponsors, buying days of food and they'll be selling t-shirts soon. Individually they'll consume between 6 and 8,000 calories a day, time four and that's alot of food. Ashley and Erika are great people and if y'all choose to support them your money would go to a great cause. Every little bit helps. Pass the website on to anyone you think would interested. Let's help these women out!

T-shirt poll is up!!! The poll is on the left of the page. Make sure to put down your vote for the next t-shirt quote, because this is your chance to make the t-shirt you want. The poll will be open for a week from today. Once the quote is decided upon we will be putting out t-shirts within 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for your votes and all that you give to CrossFit Sandy Springs.

Last thing, good luck to everyone competing tomorrow and everyone else going to show their support. You guys are going to do awesome.


  1. "Nicole"

    6 rounds/ 133 Pull-ups

  2. "Cindy" Chest to bar=21 rounds..PR Looking forward to seeing yall throw down at the GA. Fitness Challenge tomorrow!!