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Friday, April 9, 2010

Tabata Something Else
Tabata protocol of 20 Seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest done 8 times for the following exercises:
There is no rest between exercises.
Where are you getting your dietary fat from? Mark Sisson from Mark Daily's Apple suggest you might want to watch how many tree nuts you take in. 
"As regular readers know, I love my macadamias, and I do a small handful of nuts or nut butter equivalent a few times a week. They’re powerhouses of protein, fat and minerals, B-vitamins and the like. As I discussed in a post some weeks ago, some nuts do contain a fair amount of omega-6. Although I don’t think it’s reason to avoid nuts, it’s enough to suggest the concept of moderation and a mind to overall omega-6/omega-3 ratio. If you have no sensitivities to nuts and avoid chemically treated/high heat roasted or oiled nuts, I think you can generally base your intake on the omega-6 content of the specific nut variety you enjoy. For most nuts, a small handful a day is fine. However, if you have a penchant for pine nuts or walnuts – or if you’re eating more than a couple large fistfuls of most other nuts each day – you might want to scale back. Macadamias are by far the best because they have the highest saturated and mono-unsaturated fat content with relatively low O-6"
-Paul Siegel


  1. Ribeye, if your still reading, I think I missed your 30 mups PR by a few seconds. I was stratigizing it for 2 mups every 15 seconds but had 2 misses. 30 muscle-ups(4:17)

  2. Good job Nate!
    Soo close, still a great improvement though!

  3. okay, so i eat almonds every single day of my life! raw and only 1 serving (24 nuts) sometimes half that....is that reasonable? thanks for the info on macs...i did not know that & i love them too, but just always thought almonds were my best bet bc they are alkaline. not sure about the o6 in them? but i guess since they are a huge part of my diet, I'll check that out...don't eat pine nuts at all, so think all in all I'm gonna live.

    hopefully to 110!:)