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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Olympic lifting is not a pure contest of strength. It is rather an expression of strength.  The olympic lifts and the snatch in particular are so dependent on technique and correct execution that a weaker person with better technique can lift more in these than a purely stronger person.  Although it doesn't hurt to be strong.

A few thinking points for the snatch: Miss behind you.  Ideally you should never leave a lift out in front. make sure you're pulling hard and fast enough that if the bar is going anywhere it's going behind you. Jump under quickly.  Often the difference in making a snatch and missing a snatch is getting underneath it quickly and landing solidly.  

Discussion Questions: What part of Crossfit do you most enjoy, and if you'd like why? This could be the workouts, the community or whatever.

-Paul Siegel
Ahi Tuna Jerky: A sashimi grade snack for you Paleo peeps 
     Hey there everyone, just wanted to pass along a new way for you guys to snack healthy. I'm talking about tuna jerky. Sounds kind of odd, I know, but trust me this is some good stuff and a great snack for all you guys working on cleaning up your diets or trying to stick to a Paleo or Zone regimen. Though it is not perfect Paleo it does provide you with 15 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber with about half a gram of sugar for a 1oz serving. It comes in vacuum sealed packages of 1 oz. or 4 oz of either a sweet or spicy flavor. Ahi Tuna Jerky is made by Itsumo Tuna, you kind find more about them at www.itsumotuna.com.
    I have been able to acquire a few packages of the jerky before it hits the shelves later this year. I'm going to be selling it at the gym until i run out for all of you guys who wish to try it. I will be posting the prices soon, so if want try it let me know next time you see me.


  • Welcome back Kimberley and Tony, we missed you guys.
  • Congrats to our newest On-Ramp graduate, Laura. Were excited to have you.


  1. Paul do you have any links to videos where the snatch is taught?

    Most of the videos on the main CrossFit site are short demonstrations that don't really break down and teach the movements/progressions.

  2. Wade- Jon Gilsons website Againfaster has two insructional videos on the progressions.


  3. My favorite days are usually the CFSS WOD's. I love it when we have lots of exercises and move quickly through reps. Maybe I have ADD, but it keeps me motivated. And I like the community. I like working out as a group and how everyone encourages each other.

  4. No April Fools Pranks/WODs anyone?
    I like the community we have here a whole lot - the workouts are bone crushing as well and to have people suffer with you is quite motivating, unless you are doing burpees.

  5. That jerky sounds good.

    My favorite part about crossfit would definitely be the great people, competitive atmosphere but especially that we can measure the progress.

    If I was still at Gold's doing bicep curls and running on the treadmill I'd look just like I did 5 yrs ago. Crossfit pushes you and makes you talented in so many new ways that applies directly in life. Having new goals to acheive keeps me excited and motivated like never before.

    I was too sore to get out of bed this morning so CF also makes me SORE like never before...!!!&*%$##

  6. I went to the site that you gave, the picture of the ahi tuna jerky looks pretty good. I wouldn't mind giving some of that a try.

  7. Why did'nt anyone say anything about last Sunday (row/db snatch) WOD?? Hit it today, God bless America, nasty!

    Unbelievable Snatch in the video. Lots of people crankin out some PR's today. Keep em coming!

  8. Yes Nate, that was a good one..... You should just look at the picture of me suffering. Lol.

  9. The thing that made me fall in love with CrossFit the first time I went is still a very important part of CrossFit for me: variety, intensity and speed. It is never boring, you are pushed to your limit and it doesn't take several hours. I have never felt better about myself. Something that is extremely important to me now is the "CrossFit Family". Everybody that I know at CrossFit Sandy Springs is like family to me. I am so very happy to see them succeed, to see them get a new PR, or move from one band to another. The trainers are outstanding. They truly love what they do. I'm always amazed at the subtle changes they suggest and what a difference it makes. I love that although I'm not really great at anything, I'm never made to feel bad about any performance. The only thing I get is encouragement! I LOVE CROSSFIT!!! Carol Davis

  10. We love you Carol!!!!

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