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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Poppin a squat
Face of concentration
Shoulder Press*

Sign up for the Bodpod here. Body fat testing is happening this Saturday. To be eligible for the competition you must have done both Bodpod tests. We will be closed for working out this weekend and performance testing will start on Monday the 15th.


  1. Man I'm freaking out that we only have a few days left on the challenge. Anyone have a sauna I can sit in till Saturday? I'm dying to see what my BF is.

    I have no clue where everyone is on their progress. Everyone is laying low on sharing the progress it seems. I'm playing to win and if I lose it won't be from lack of effort. I'm ok with that since either way I have learned a lot about nutrition and have gained muscle and lost fat so that is a good prize already.

    Had a good workout this morning. Hit 135x3 on my press which was my old ONE rep pr just a week or two ago. Then I hit a new 1 rep PR of 140. Threw in a 5k row after that for good measure (20:56)...and some handstands and muscle up practice. 2 hours there - I'm sure getting my money's worth on that unlimited deal! Nate's going to kick me out pretty soon...

  2. Chad, everyone gave up because you're psychotically determined to win... what will you do with the money? How much is in the pot?

  3. I will pay my chiropractor - My body is worn out after working so hard...

  4. You're so serious... you deserve it. You should feel really proud of yourself, no matter how it all shakes out.

  5. Thanks Joanna. If I haven't lost any bodyfat I will quit though.

  6. Just don't jump out the window... it's not worth it!

  7. Chad- if you haven't lost weight I'm quitting. Well maybe not but I will have a beer with you. You also might want to think about taking a week off.

    I haven't weighed myself since the first Bodpod session so I'm excited to see what has changed.

  8. MMM Beer....I'll take you up on that either way Paul!

    A week off wow that'd be hard to imagine! That probably would do some good though. My back is still so sore that I'm tempted to get a weight belt before Total next monday.

  9. Nate will take a rest week or week off every 6-8 weeks. Especially if you're feeling wrecked it's not a bad idea

    If you'd like to borrow my belt for total you can.

  10. Yes, I'd like to give the belt a try - thanks!

    I think I will plan on taking a week off after the performance testing next week then. Long term I can see how that could actually help me improve versus slow me down.