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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chest To Bar Pullup
30" box Jumps
GHD Sit-ups

People often assume that any shoes are fine for working out. What worked before at LA fitness will certainly work here.  But than again your might not have done anything like what we do in here. Therefore it might be time to update your kicks.

We are enamored with minimal shoes, Chuck Taylor's to be specific.  We find that for an all around shoe they simply cannot be beat.  During weight lifting they don't suffer as much from compression as running shoes and they are much cheaper than olympic lifting shoes.  We want a very stable base for lifting and in running shoes we can watch your foot move around trying to find a level platform. Something that doesn't happen in Chuck's or lifting shoes.

And you can run in them. I wouldn't recommend you go run a half marathon in them but they'll work for the short distances we do.  If your not quite willing to give up padding in your shoes look for racing flats or the like, something with a minimal of amount of non-compressible padding.  There has been a lot of research lately in regards to barefoot running and the misuse of shoes.  You might just find your times will be faster with a more minimal shoe. The idea is that with minimal padding it will force (or allow) you to run on your forefoot rather than heel strike which causes a whole host of problems in the foot and up the leg.  Many of the best runners naturally emulate this stride and before Nike convinced the world it needed air pockets and foam runners wore little to nothing on the feet. We might be well advised to emulate them as well.
-Paul Siegel


  1. Today was a good one. Sure glad to be back and gettin' my tail whipped again!

  2. are you going to post the contest winners???

  3. That is one seriously creepy and gross looking pic of me. Thanks guys. I guess that's what I get for leaving. HA!

  4. Looks like they listened!

  5. Maybe they're waiting for drug test results before they post winners...