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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lucy on box jumps.
David doing the same.

Five rounds for time of:
400m run
30 Box Jump, 24"
30 Wallball 20/14 lbs.
If you didn't recieve an Evite for the Paleo Potluck let us know and we'll get you one.
So if you've read yesterdays post then you'll have set some goal within a reasonable time frame. What we have to do now is to organize a cohesive plan to get to those goals. With things like HSPU or pull-ups it is possible to incremental approach these. By doing more and more pullups (or negatives my favorite way to improve any body weight movement) or by steadily lowering the height of the standard for handstand pushups.

For muscle-ups, double unders and weightlifting it is often constant exposure which allow those rarely seen and difficult movements to become relatively easy. This is perhaps some of the most frustrating skills work you can do. We are asking you to deliberately do something which you hate. So what I am asking you to do is now that we have a goal, let's develop a simple plan to get you to that goal.
-Paul "Rowboat" Siegel


  1. Hello... I didn't get an invite.... kshank@medquist.com thank you!

  2. No invite here either...morris.mackenzie@gmail.com.

    Bought SunButter yesterday at Trader Joe's. My verdict is still out, but I suppose if I have to replace the PB with something, this will do.

  3. Mack,

    I've got some almond butter you can try out.It's pretty good.

  4. Today's WOD was TOUGH! (maybe just me though...)

  5. @Chad - today's WOD just about did me in as well.

    @Jonathan - took your advice and weighed the turkey I had for lunch today. Think I'd been eating around 6 oz (30g protein).

    Doubled up for 12 oz with 1/2 cup salsa, bowl of strawberries/blueberries, and a couple of tablespoons of SunButter. Needless to say I was stuffed.

    At 1 g protein per pound body weight, that's a whole bunch of turkey (bout 2 lbs/day). Gobble, gobble...

  6. Food:
    B-Fast: Ham, Strawberries, Olive oil, 1 glass milk.

    Roast Chicken Breast, Raw Bell Pepper, Macadamia Nuts

    Afternoon Snack: Big cheat here Pro-bar, needed something quick so I grabbed these (they were on sale and cheaper than Larabar)from REI on the way to work as I had some other stuff to pick up. They are way far from Paleo, but pretty tasty. Could see using them as a quick breakfast on the trail. Oh well I'll tighten back up for dinner.

    115x5x3 Push Press then
    Griff-18:53, that bad knee is feeling a little wonky now. Fun none the less.

  7. Parents in town for my early b-day celebration and Uncle Julio's was in order.

    Paul - you think you had a big cheat with a Pro-bar? What I ate tonight would have killed a caveman.

    Gotta make it in tomorrow and repent.

  8. For your penance 4 Cindy's and one Fran. back to back.

  9. yo! anyone check out the main site with the trials rider? pretty sick! hey to all back east, i miss the gym a lot! chace, nate and paul, you guys are certainly the best!
    hit a huge pr today on cindy with 25 rounds. super pumped.
    won't be back in atlanta for a while. we are headed to cali in a few weeks then off to seattle where i will be doing my first marathon! can't wait, been training hard.
    nate- just want you to know that cross fit sandy springs is my home team! i miss doing lunges in the parking lot while the office folk take their smoke breaks.
    see you guys soon!

  10. Chris, I'm horribly jealous... queso is my favorite!