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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awesome job on thrusters, Tyler.
Ryan and Roger racing on the rowers.
Clean 1 rep max
Bench Press 1 rep max
Overhead Squat 1 rep max

Clean is from the ground, power or squat.

We will treat this like Total, with a 3 attempt limit at each lift. Work steadily through each lift with enough rest to ensure good reps. And make sure to finish to keep an eye on the clock so you finish in time.
Met-cons hurt. There I've said it. Fran, FGB, really any workout that you huff and puff for in some way will always cause a little bit (or a lot) of pain. That's the dirty little secret of crossfit, that at some point we except and understand that to improve ourselves (whether for sport, or for life) we must endure the pain, even come to embrace it. We must endure torn hands, "Fran Cough" (which in actuality are burst micro-blood vessels in the throat normally only seen in race horses) and pain in all it's myriad and diverse forms.

And we understand that this will make us better. It may not be macho to admit it, but I enjoy the workouts after it's done more than when I'm doing it, or getting ready to do it. Yet still I come back everyday-and you do too.

What does that say about you, about us? Perhaps it is evidence of a lingering insanity. Instead I would argue that simply coming through our doors everyday (with the expectation of everything we discussed above) is evidence of a fortitude beyond measure. And that is something to be truly proud of.


  1. Oh, soooo well said!

  2. Right on Paul! Over 25 CrossFitters this am! Awesome job everybody! Y'all try to get here a little early and roll through the warm-up. Like "Total", this one takes a while.

    "1/22" double-unders/hip ext = 5:54

  3. Tyler looks a little psycho-evil in that picture...