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Monday, January 25, 2010

L to R Eric, Roger, Vilas, Amy, Jason, Craig, Carl, Blake in the Red, and Nara on the end.
Amy turning downhill on the 800m. Excellent work!
5 rounds for time of:
500m Row
135 lbs. Thruster, 7 reps

Re-cap of Saturday's meeting:
We'll discuss the two separate contests. The first we'll discuss is the nutrition contest. This judging is done purely in body fat lost. We are pushing the Paleo diet but this is by no means the only diet you can do. We think it is the most effective and the diet that you can carry on doing after the contest. Your first test is on January 30th and then again on March 13th. Cost is $35 for each time. On the 30th there will be no workout and we will be closed that Sunday. Sign up here. If you have questions about Paleo come on the evening of the 27th for Jonathan's lecture. I've also put up some good links on the sideboard to the right of the daily blog posts. If you've got any good resources let us know about them.

The second test is more akin to the "Cherry" test and re-test we do with the on-ramp. Everyone will be doing 4 workouts starting on the week of February 1st. THE FIRST PERFORMANCE TEST, FROM FEB. 1 TO FEB. 5, IS MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE. WE WANT TO HAVE A BASELINE FOR EVERYONE. We know what the four workouts are and we won't tell you till a day or two before hand. So you can stop asking us. Everyone will retest after approximately 43 days. Now if you think you can have the best improvement relative to your own time then it is $20 to compete. I will not attempt to describe the formula here, and hopefully Jonathan will chime in with a description.

We would strongly recommend that everyone get at least the first Bodpod test. We would also recommend everyone try the performance competition especially if you've needed some push in here to really succeed. $20 is not a lot of money but it is enough to motivate anyone.

If you have any questions post to comments, email Nate or ask us in the gym.

-Paul "Eagle's Perch" Siegel


  1. The side board is on the right not left, paul - but good job in figuring that out!. Next up, a facebook ad for this.

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  3. Weeeeeeeee, ouwwwwch! "1/21"C&J..situps = 8:00

  4. Vilas,
    Way to pick on the dyslexic. And as for a facebook ad I'll do that when we don't have to pay for it.


    115 lbs. Power Clean+Jerk
    Admat Situps

    Lot of CNS fatigue on this one.

  5. I have a friend who's started the CrossFit 10-week challenge at the Decatur location... she's lost 7 lbs and now swears by Paleo! She loves this recipe website for Paleo-friendly meals www.performancemenu.com/recipes

  6. whats up guys, my name is andre im from miami down at i am crossfit. just wanted to give a shout out to chuck who was my lead at my cert. this past weekend. you guys are lucky to have him up at your box. thanks buddy.

    good work on the website!

  7. I'm in love with my hoodie - its so bad ass. Now girls hit on me instead of hitting me. This Paleo challenge is not going to be easy - Superbowl is around the corner and I fear I'll have to lock myself up for that event.

  8. I only regret Paul did not take any pictures of Pippy "the Nate" Longstockings this morning during his WOD.

    Great work Nate - I faintly heard you sweating it out as I was rowing thousands of meters.

    Are there any hoodies left? I may need to grab one of those!