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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rest Day



"Fight Gone Bad"
3 rounds of:

1 minute Wallball (reps)
1 minute Sumo Deadlift Highpull 75 lbs. (Reps)
1 minutes Box Jumo 20" (Reps)
1 minute Pushpress 75 lbs (Reps)
1 minute Rowing (Calories)

In this workout you move from one of 5 stations after one minute of work. After 5 stations there is a one minute rest. Repeat for 3 rounds. Scoring is based on total reps for each movement and calories on the rower in all 3 rounds.

Diet Tips and Tricks:

One of the best things Nate had me do when I first started my diet was to write everything I ate down. The accountability of that small note book was an omnipresent check on my diet. Knowing that I would have to look back, and show Nate, my transgressions was a huge help in getting on the right track. Plus it allowed me to look back and see where I had erred and what I had done right. It also allowed Nate to see the same things. We are more than happy to help anyone with diet but we need something to look ate, some record of what you ate. If you're doing Paleo we don't really need weight and measures but if you're doing Zone or otherwise we'll need numbers as well as type of food.

In the decidely liberitarian bent that is Crossfit we've not specified a diet for the Gut Check. We will recommend the Paleo diet because we think it's the best. But we are not forcing anyone to do that specific diet. Do whatever works best for you. However, if you come to us looking for advice we're most likely going to offer you the paleo take on it.


  1. If anyone wants to track their food intake (calories, prot, carbs) as well as body size and weight I would recommend www.fitday.com I use it all the time and love it. It's FREE too. I can help anyone that wants to use it.

    Nate - are there going to be "before and after" photos done on the bod pod days?

  2. This message is for nate in regards to what we talked about last night about your old lifting buddy. I messed up the name because I've always known his wife as Kim Glover. Here's what her husband posted on a picture I had of you

    "you tell Nathan Taylor that Trey Williams is glad he had his shirt off for this pull-up or it might have weighed him down. Hey Nate, this ain't no disco or Backstreets!!


  3. Yesterday

    Squat - 175x5x3
    Press - 105x5x3
    Deadlift - 250x5
    Pushups - 30,25
    L-Sit - 20s, 29s

    FGB - 307. 31 pt PR

    Way to kill this one Nate.

    Attended the CrossFit Running/POSE Method cert this weekend, and am now a POSE Level 1 Running Coach. Dr. Romanov, the POSE creator, was an extremely interesting, crazy, and genius teacher. I have learned much to share with all of you, hopefully we will get all of you running injury free.



  4. The only time I will run is when I'm being chased. J, if you can simulate an angry/rabid dog running after me during the metcons, that would help.

  5. Have to share with y'all my new milestone:

    Deadlifts: 200lbs, 3 reps!!! From previous 185lbs, 1 rep PR!!!

    Does anyone still have doubts this stuff really works?!

    You guys enjoy FGB, since I can't :o(...
    Have fun, y'all!

  6. Vilas,
    I will be more than happy to.

  7. Chad, yep, doing before and after pics IF the member wants. We highly recommend getting the photos, a little humbling but HUGE motivation when you see the changes!!

    Right on GA...thnx for reminding everybody to post their times/weights/PR's. You are flippin SHERA deadlifting 200x3!! As Christopher says "Boom to the power of Boom!"

    Jonathan and I rocked FGB together today! Us coaches mostly train alone and you guys do'nt know how lucky you are hitting these workouts with everyone sweating beside you. Anyway, right back at you Jonathan, you crushed it brotha!!

    Me, FGB (pr) = 362

  8. now i know why jonathon was so quiet and serious today. he had his game face on for FGB...congrats j and nate.