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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A whole lot of "Diane" latley. Great job yesterday Wade.
Russ and Lucy hanging out after the WOD.

Front Squat
Score is weight on barbell for 6 lifts added together.

High rep squatting is mostly mental. As long as you're form stays safe and correct (Elbows up!) you just have to put your head down and push through.

Part of our jobs as trainers is mechanical. We deal in angles and movements, of fixing physical disorder and ensuring performance with correct standards. We compare every movement in our arsenal to an ideal standard and then ensure we help our clients to reach these ideal standards. All this analysis must happen quickly and efficiently, moreover it must then be communicated in a clear concise manner. This, surprisingly, is the easy side of our job.

The other side is much less concrete. This is the psychological side of coaching, or of getting the most from our clients through encouragement. It is much harder to know what to say, what not to say, and when to say it than what is wrong in the squat. Because of this we stick to general platitudes and encouragement. We have noticed, as of late, that we are tending to repeat ourselves. If we've noticed than you all must surely have noticed. So instead of merely turning up the music and screaming, we'd like to hear what you want to hear. Whether it is different music or specific encouragement let us know tomorrow or post to comments. Help us, help you.
Holiday Hours
Chirstmas Eve Day
Morning: 7, 8, 9, 10
Evening: Closed
Christmas Day
!!!Happy Holidays!!!


  1. Apparently you all want us to say nothing. Cool.

    Todays WOD was FUN.

    Went like this:

    20 and 30 reps hurt like nothing else. Waiting for the DOMS to kick in.

    In other notes I won't be around after Christmas until 1/4/2010 due to family obligations. If I didn't see you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will still be posting blog posts though.

  2. I like what you guys say just fine... not too much, not too little :-)

  3. I think you guys do great too. The positive push helps. I like when you tell us to get back on the bar, etc because I'd probably rest longer - it helps me push harder than I would on my own.

    I'd be cool with you all being harder on us too though. I wouldn't be offended if you told me to get my ass moving, go harder, faster, don't be a puss...a little boot camp feel might be good for me. I want to get better so whatever it takes... I sure enjoy hanging with you all. Have a Merry Christmas! See you next Monday.

  4. I'd like a good Johnny Cash tune from time to time...?

  5. The encouragement is great! More important that what to say is how to say it. To me what makes me move more or fight harder is when I feel the coaching is engaged, present, sincere. You guys do an excellent job; and the encoragement we get from our fellow crossfitters is also superb. The connection there is on a heavy day for example, while we are resting, we all get to focus on what one of us is doing; giving everything one's got to push press that hunk that seems to want to stick to the forehead. And once the barbell is waving, conquered, helpless above one's head for a few seconds, we all cheer together as if we just won the World Cup! This camraderie, presence, passion and joy is the cherry on top of all this painfully pleasant workouts. May all of us have and take more and more of this presence, engagement, respect, joy and sportsmanship to all other communities we're a part of. It just makes me wonder how wonderful a place would this world be if we all focused on being positive and supportive. Can you imagine?? "It is easy if you try..." Thank you guys for a great year! Happy Holidays!