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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jarrett fightiing with the handstand push-ups.
New CF'r John showing up on time for some deadlifts.


Rest Day


Make-up Day


200m. Plate Carry, 45lbs/25lbs
50 hip Extensions
40 Box Jumps, 24in.
30 Goblet squats, 70lbs
10 Burpees

Crossfit is ultimately a solitary pursuit, although we train in a group environment. When it comes down to it, it is you and the barbell in "Diane". No one can help you lift it. It is you versus gravity and gravity never gives in. This sort of battle, one so personal and so elemental, it is almost extraneous to boast about it. Merely finishing that workout is something to boast about. We are a community of people who celebrate each other, rather than tear each other down. Ego has no place in our gym. Racing against a clock can cause us to shorten range of motion, to "miss" reps and to scale too low. We want competition but we want healthy competition, where everyone puts out their best honest effort and accepts where the chips may fall.

Another point: it is never acceptable to tear yourself down in the gym. Everyone struggles in here; you're not special, sorry. Have confidence in your abilities and aptitude to learn new movement, absolutely nothing is written in stone*. Everyday we create new fitness and that is something to be proud of. You may not have used as much weight or gone as fast but you can make sure your workout was just as hard as the twenty-two year old fire-breather. It's all about learning to push yourself.

-Paul Siegel

*"Nothing is written in stone except that you have to squat." -Mark Rippetoe


  1. Chace & Jonathan - Great job this morning pushing Wade and I through dirty Diane! I can’t shave this morning thanks to you…

  2. Paul, that was great. Thank you once again for the great words. Sooo true!

    Chace, "obrigada" for the outstanding workout. As I said, although I'm a vegetarian, that "porkchop sandwich" this morning was d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

    Thanks Jon for the awesome support!!! You all have a wonderful Tuesday!


  4. Awesome job, Chad! Way to go!

  5. Don, real men shave with rocks.

  6. I got in my car, took a left on Ashford Dunwoody and stayed there till eternity.
    My WOD was:
    1. Furiously text friends telling them the obvious: atlanta traffic sucks 10x
    2. Bang on the steering wheel and honk 5x knowing that the traffic wont move any faster
    3. Swear in 7 different languages 12x
    4. Switch between first and second gear on a manual 100x
    AMRAP till you make it to the gym.
    My time: 44:48 and I moved 1 block and turned around home.

  7. I'm out for the holidays guys and gals - everyone be safe, have fun.

    See ya'll next week!