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Monday, December 7, 2009

Go monkey boy! Nice job Jordon!

Becky rockin "Lumberjack 20"

Noah on today K-2-E

Complete for time:

800m Run

30 Hip/Back Extension
30 GHD Sit-ups
30 Hip Extensions
30 Knees to Elbows
30 Back Extensions
30 Abmat Situps.

Here are three words I would suggest we start re-evaluating in our fitness language.

Core: Where exactly is the core? Most people on the street will point to their abs, but this is hardly a satisfactory answer to an educated athlete. Perhaps we extend the core to include the tranverse abdominus and maybe if we're feeling generous to include some of the back muscles. Even then we ignore the essential problem that we do heavy work we try to keep our spine strong and stable under load. The term core is too limited to adequately express what we use our midlines for. In a deadlift it is the ability to stabilize our back and core, or the midline, that limits the weight we can use. A strong and stable midline, whether challenged by front squats, overhead squats, GHD sit-ups or split jerks, is better than core work any day.

Cardio: Cardio as we understand is entirely different from what most people consider cardio. The typical Long, Slow Distance has never been the sole way to run faster. Use what you know from Crossfit; intervals, time trails and the like all have a place in running faster. Banish mindless cardio from your repertoire if you rare going to run, run with purpose. Set a goal, work hard and make sure it is measurable, repeatable and observable. Sure you can run 5k, but how fast can your run it, did you beat your last time? Check out Crossfit Endurance for more on this.

Calories: Counting calories is dead, many people assume that simply because they eat more calories they need to work harder to born those calories off. Or conversely that they should restrict their calories without regard to quantity of macro-nutrients or quality of food. The diet process is not simply a simple arithmetic of caloric counting. I can reduce my calories by simply eating Burger King to a given caloric count, will I loose weight? Heck No! A good bit of literature has been written about this. Gary Taubes Good Calories, Bad Calories takes an in depth tour of the scientific history of dietary research. It's dense but highly worth reading. It contains some eye opening research For a more approachable book, with a decidedly green agrarian bent, Micheal Pollan's In Defense of Food is excellent. Counting calories is spent, worry about what kind of food you're putting in your mouth before you worry about how much food you're putting in.


  1. What a way to start the day - with a bunch of crazies doing GHD work.

    Might have found a new variation of my routine. My wife thinks I've lost my marbles.

    See you tomorrow.

  2. Great job today Chris! With a 6 am workout I usually wake up about the time all the pain is over. Your wife will think differently when you look like Nate & Chace. (well maybe looking like them from the neck down is ok...)

  3. Thanks Chad! Great meeting you this morning as well as the rest of the crew.

    Good point about looking like Nate or Chance. Chace is not-so-bad, Nate? Not-so-much.

    Boy, I wonder what folks are gonna think about me after this comment!?!

  4. Chris, and everyone that does 6am CrossFit, you are all F%(&*n awesome for crushing it so early!! I got no problem coming and yelling at people in the weee hrs of am but can't imagine workin out right when I roll outta bed.

    Been chasing this PR for over a year :

    "FRAN" = 3:18

  5. I'm with Nate, you 6AM'ers are some crazy bastards.

    Started my POSE method and barefoot running training. Feet are a little torn up.

    "Linda" 185/135/95 - 32:01 BW:192
    Started off with 225 for the DLs, but after pulling singles through the set of 9, I thought the tearing sensation around the connection between hips and spine may be a bad thing, so stripped some weight.

  6. Today's workout was deceptively hard - those Hip extensions really get to you. Chris&Chad, I'm all about looking like Nate and chace - but from the neck down only.

  7. CF is seriously addictive. I can't wait for the next day to see what kind of craziness we get to do! I'm ready for bed though. Gettin up at 5 am is rough some days.