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Friday, October 2, 2009

Jeff, A little loopy after Helen.

Rest Day


200m Run
21 SDLHP 75/55 lbs
21 Alternating DB Push Press 30/20

200m run
15 Alt. DB Push Press

200m run
9 Alt. DB Push Press

There has been some confusion of late as to what constitutes a back extension and what is a hip extension. A hip extension takes your back locked in extension and hinges it at the hip. The GHD is set so that your Iliac crest (the pointy part of your hip near the same level as your belly button) is well past the end of the pad. A back extension traps the hip against the pad and then we deliberately uncurl the back from extension. Start by tucking the head and unhinging at each vertebrae. This will be one of the only times we'll ask you to take your back out of extension. This is also one of the reasons we do it so rarely. Any time you see back extension in a workout take it to mean a hip extension. If this is unclear take a look at this page.


  1. I think that's the best picture of Jeff I've ever seen.

  2. Paul, when will you post the FGB pictures on flickr/picasa/where-ever?

  3. Brandon! lol so good to see you blogging again. where have art thou gonist to? haha. Helen was fun fun...the GRINDER on Thursday was a beast though!

    This week was reDONKULOUS. I'm taking the weekend off! See you fools next week.

    ps. vilas---so pumped you made it in today! Great job.