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Monday, September 28, 2009

Mike: "Hey Chris, Do you have any mice?"
Chris L.: "No, Mike I don't. Why?
Mike: " 'Cause I got to feed these pythons."

Sometimes the fetal position is the only one that really makes sense.

Rest Day


CFSS Make-up Day
"Angie" or "Date with 95"

We'd like to thank everyone who helped out with FGBIV. Thanks to all the competitiors for fighting like hell for every rep and for the all the spectators for supporting them. Special shoutout goes to James and the members of Crossfit Addiction, who came out to throw down. We managed to raise $2535 which is well above our gym goal, FGBIV riased $1, 012, 732. I've got about 550 pictures to wade through and then those will be up on Flickr in the coming days. Once again thanks to everyone, we'll see you in the gym.

Congrats to Jonathan on getting his Level 1 Cert this weekend in Belfast. See if you can't find him on the mainsite pictures today.

-Paul Siegel


  1. Well... What to say. Hope Fight Gone Bad went great. People post your scores, I want to see how everyone did. The cert was great. As for the lectures, pretty standard, basically verbatim from the videos, but the experience taught me many things. The top three are:

    1. Use the fat bar. For pull ups that is. Work on the skinny bar all the time, and I can guarantee you will look like a fool when you show up to a gym who's pull up bars are all an inch and a half around. Evidence: Fran time 8:32, with lower weight cuz they didn't have enough regulation bars. I blame some of that time on travel, and what not, but damn my pull ups were sorry.

    2. The Finns are strong bastards. We had little CrossFit celebrity attending the cert, a man you may have heard of, one Mikko Salo. Of course, he is strong, shit he is the world's fittest man, but he brought a group of Finns with him, and damn, all they must do is train. Mikko's Fran time: 2:16, and the next morning he told me it wasn't a long enough metcon for him.

    3. Community. There isn't a community I could be happier to be a part of. All the people I have met are incredible, and it looks like the CrossFit scene in the UK is on the verge of exploding. That being said, I can't wait to get back to our community at CrossFit Sandy Springs. You guys are great and I miss you all.

  2. 189, RX first time ever with that weight. still not my best performance ever. Not bad for being a few months out of PT.

    Taking this week off. Been feeling under the weather for awhile, finger tendon and calf acting up time for a little R and R.

  3. Jonathan, Congratulations on your Level Cert! Its going to be a quiet few days in the gym without krissi, karin and you. Fight gone bad creamed me - This was my first official FGB and I did a 180. I found out that I am good with wall balls and suck at everything else - especially the box jumps. I'm glad its over! enjoying my 2 days off and I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks Paul, Don, Russ, Kriss , Karin and everybody else for the encouragement during FGB. You guys rock!

  4. Congrats on getting certified Jonathan! Can't wait to have you back at the gym!