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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Krissi making a 20lb. vest look easy.

Congrats to Big Mike P. on putting up 1005 on his total. This is 465. (make sure to watch the very end of the video)

Push Jerk


Fight Bone Bad IV. Thanks to everyone who's already donated, but we're not there yet. We're in the final stretch of funding now and still need everyone's support.

We've always been anti-glove in here. Simply the stated the glove is a hindrance to develop great grip strength. It changes the way your hands hold the bar( whether it be barbell or pull up bar) and it makes it harder to hold by increasing the effective thickness of the bar. What you can't hold you can't pick up. The only reason you should ever wear gloves is to cover an injury, which was probably caused by wearing the gloves, not developing calluses and then forgetting the gloves. If they have wrist straps it's even worse, because not only are you making your hands weak but also you're wrists weak as well. Some of you have suggested you want to avoid calluses. That's just not going to happen. Calluses protect your hands from everyday abuse and let you work harder in here, they are a natural by-product of barbell and gymnastic work. This doesn't mean you have to have hands like a longshoreman. Filing down and moisturizing your calluses keeps them smooth, supple and still helpful in the gym. A good way of easing into callus development is using gloves for half a workout, and gradually decreasing the amount of time spent in glove. Jonathan keeps a can of Burt's Bees Hand Balm in his car and uses it every time he drive anywhere. Just remember, If you're going to wear gloves make sure they match your purse.


  1. "make sure they match your purse"... HA! I'll make sure to bring my pink ones in tomorrow morning.

    Great workout this morning - I had to dig deep to avoid being smoked by my training partner. Boy am I out of shape!

  2. though the post says brandon, its me, ryan! i am using my buddies computer, so from now on i am brandon. nice job mike on the dead lift and total. sick! and krissi, becky was so pumped on your performance yesterday she called to tell us! looks like you guys are all killing it. i went to the skatepark yesterday and road a bit, then went moutain biking at dusk at some epic trails. hiking today, then crossfit tomorrow! this altitude is a bitch, but will definately make us stronger. we really miss everyone and hope all is well!

  3. Gee Mike, that looked heavy. way to go!

  4. Vilas, that WAS heavy..hahaha! Way to go Mike!

  5. Yeah, Krissi is a Mutha Flipp'n BAD ASS! :)

  6. Got smoked by yesterday's workout.

    unweighted lunges, 20" box and blue band (strict pullups)
    ~35 something.

    Could feel my knee grinding, painfully, on every lunge, probably should avoid those for awhile. Box Jumps were alright, probably suffered from the same problems as the lunge. This was like a suffer/goat fest for me. I shudder to think of ever repeating this workout.

  7. Chris, you are doing great! Stay focused. Brandon, feel free to rub your western euphoric adventures in, really feel free. BTW, Becky,All you guys are flipn badasses! Yesterday's 9/9 WOD today=22:59. yip yip wwooohooo