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Friday, September 11, 2009

5 rounds of:
20 Pullups
30 Pushups
40 Sit-ups
50 Squats
Rest exactly 3 minutes between rounds
FGBIV. Edging closer everyday to our goal . We still need your help.
9/11. Never forget those who gave their lives for our freedom.
"The workout of the day (WOD) represents a challenge that has been issued to the athlete; "Complete this task, if you can. Complete it better than anyone else and you win". Completing the challenge, and gaining respect for doing so, is only possible if all requirements of the challenge are met. Some requirements, such as the exercises, sets, reps and loads, are stated in writing. Other, often missed requirements, are implied, and assumed to be a standard set of requirements for all workouts. The implied considerations are accuracy (correctness of movement and range of motion) and honesty (completing all of the work and correctness of score). Failing to meet the implied requirements is a failure of no less magnitude than failing to complete the specified reps. Real progress comes when the athlete accepts the complete challenge and gives equal importance to both implied and stated requirements." -Crossfit Brisbane


  1. Yikes! Today's workout is illegal in 40 states. in my opinion

  2. Vilas: Which states, might I ask, ARE legal then to do this workout? :)

  3. Georgia, alabama, texas and south dakota (obviously)

  4. Good sessions with Push Jerks today. It was very heavy but gave me some stuff to work on. Also some really good coaching cues from Chace, Nate and Jonathan. Thanks boys.

    Taking the weekend off, so might hit Barbara next week some time. While not illegal Barbara is a Class II controlled substance in all states, territories and protectorates of the U.S. ,Great Britain and Netherlands.

    Warm Up
    185 ( miss on last rep!)

  5. My favorite workout!! This one tests your heart!

    Vilas, where were you pimp?! You were out with all your ladies!

    Becky you are HILARIOUS!!

    Becky, Chad, Jarrett, Russ, Don, Nina, Curtis, and Rob. Y'all did great. Keep up the fight!

    Kristen and Ryan! We miss you guys! I hope Colorado is treating you well!

    See y'all tomorrow.

  6. I've always said "Barbara", if done properly IS the hardest CrossFit. Gonna hit her on Monday. Today Split Jerk=190x1, Push Jerk=185x3

  7. yo! how did barbara treat everyone?? whew, our trainer at crossfitjunction made us do tabata with thrusters and sit ups. isaac toomer is the trainer. and he is really good. he is a 26 year old iraqi war vet. really nice, thurough, and professional. he reminds me a lot of chace and nate. go to crossfitjunction .com and check it out!! we miss everyone too! we are loving it out here! hope everyone has a good weekend!