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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vilas-first CrossFit with a smile....
CrossFit (Webstar) Chuck Carswell wreckin it "date with 95"

First off a big welcome to Micheal, Nick, Eric, Elijah, and Vilas. Hope to be seeing more of you fellas around here!



250 row

10 wall ball 2o lbs. (14 lbs)

10 sit-up slam ball (same weight)

3 rounds for time

To those of you running in the Peachtree Road Race, Make sure to where your Crossfit Sandy Springs shirt. Those shirts are the best free advertising we have.

Bring your race shirts the next time you come in and will put you on here

Handcare: We all love the calluses we get in here, they're evident proof of the work we're putting in. However they can also become a detriment to your performance when they tear during a workout, like round two of Eva.

We don't want to remove calluses completely, a layer of supple dead skin on your hands will provide plenty of protection. I recommend two steps to get this: moisturize your hands every night and trim your calluses with a pumice stone every time you shower. I like Palmer's Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E oil becaue I used it on my scar after surgery and it's what I have around. Anything will work, you could probably use olive oil if you were so inclined. Pumice stones are cheap and if you keep it in the shower there's no excuse. Always try and moisturize after you use the pumice stone. I really believe it is that simple to have healthy hands that function in Crossfit and in the real world.

Another problem could be too much chalk. Chalk dries out the hands and makes it easier to grip some things, however drying out some calluses can cause them to tear more readily. If your hands are sweaty from a run, a little bit of chalk won't hurt, but try it without and see what happens. Let's make July a blister and callus tear free month!

Another bit of homework for the holiday weekend: Identify and write down in your notebook your "Goat", and tell us so we can work on it with you.

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