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Friday, July 3, 2009

Some of the 6 p.m. regulars (L to R) Karin, Krissi, Diego Quinn developing excellent General Physical Preparedness that will serve him well in any venue of athletics.


75 Power Snatches

75 lbs.

Classes for Saturday July 4th are only at 9 and 10 a.m. Remember to avoid parade routes.

"When you snatch you're doing something profoundly important, which is breaking from the common herd. One of the most important lessons I can impart to you is that since most people are only mediocre at any given skill, the path to greatness is found in opposition. Put simply, if you seek greatness, look at what most people do, and then do the opposite. And I mean that quite literally by the way." -Charles Stately

Quick post about nutrition, its gonna be quick because I have very little experience with dieting in general. When I rowed I believed I needed between 5 and 7,000 calories a day to survive, I was constantly hungry and still fat. I never made the connection that it might be what I was eating and that I could survive with healthy choices and still succeed athletically (well, relative success but I won't get into that here). I admit I tried Zoning and Paleo for a few weeks, but eventually disgarded it in favor of another ethos entirely. That is something I'll cover om Monday's post.

So, I'm gonna pass the buck and recommend you go somewhere else besides our nice little blog world here. First, go visit Melissa Byers at http://www.byersgetsdiesel.com/ . She is one of the best crossfit bloggers bar none. She's currently running a "Paleo Month of Tough Love" cyber contest. Tons of links and ideas as well as more general Crossfit stuff as well.

Second, go check out robb wolf at http://robbwolf.com/ . He gets a little more science-y than Byers does as his Background is in Nutritional Science and he worked for years as a fat researcher: that is a researcher who studies fat, instead of a chunky scientist. Excellent posts about just about anything related to crossfit nutrution. He covers gluten free, paleo, zone, Intermittent Fasting and every other avenue.

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