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Monday, July 20, 2009

5K(3.2mi.) Run

Come in to the gym and run the mile route if you like or head down to columns dr. and run the 5k loop by the river.

Route at the gym:
Right on roswell rd.
Right on Hammond
Right on Sandy Springs Cr.
Right on Hilderbrand
Repeat three times

Columns dr.
To get to Columns from the gym:
Left on Roswell rd.
Left on Johnsferry rd.
After you cross over the river, Columns dr. is on your left. Drive all the way to the dead end and park in the gravel lot. The route starts at the parking lot continues all the way down to the opposite parking lot and back down the other side of the trails. Post your times to the comments.
4,5 and 6 p.m. classes will meet Chace at Columns Drive. We will start every run no later than 30 min. after the hour. Chace will also have a cooler full of water, but you will need to bring $3 cash for parking. Gear up guys, this is coming to become a new tradition. If you're unable to go to Columns text Chace (or leave a note in comments), Nate and I will be in the gym at the normal times, so if you need to run at the gym we will be available.
You may have seen the poster's hanging around about the Georgia Fitness Challenge, check 'em out here. It's all day August 1st. Nate and I will be down there representing Crossfit Sandy Springs to perspective members and answering questions. What we want out of you is to come do a workout. We're looking to show off the fitness you've built in here. You should never be afraid of any competition.
Competition is an integral part of what we do in here. Whether it is against yourself, against the person next to you, or against the clock we are always fighting something. This is what gives our fitness and training intensity. Everyone, everytime they come in here should be ready to be aggressive and fight for weight on the bar, to fight for seconds, to fight to beat the person next to you. Regardless of your level of fitness we always look for this level of internal motivation. And much like everything else in here you have to cultivate it. You may not be a naturally aggresive person, but in this gym we want to see fight and fire. A public challenge like the georgia fitness challenge is a good way to show off that aggression you're building in here.

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