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Monday, May 11, 2009

CFHQ Rest Day

CFHQ Rest Day
Take a break or come in and make up a missed WOD.

Kathy and Steve pushing each other trough rain or shine. You guys truly are an inspirational couple.

Thanks for the donation Jaret. You are an incredible person. I don't really know how to thank you enough. It is a pleasure to train you and even more of an honor just to know you.


Don't forget to sign the order form if you want a t-shirt. I will be ordering them on Friday morning. I can get white t-shirts, but I have to have a request for at least 12 in order to make it worth getting them. Also, let me know if you want a shirt for you kids, because I will be ordering some kid's sizes.

P.S. Brittnay, were gonna miss you girl. Hope to see you soon. If we don't, it was a joy training you and I hope a long prosperous life. It was a pleasure having you around. 


  1. Thank ye'Gawds you have a blog now!! haha
    Great seeing y'all last weekend, took some good pix

    Great job Chase!


  2. crossfit is great! anyone thinking of joining should just go for it! it changed my life. i used to struggle with self esteem, but doing crossfit gave me the strength and confidence i needed to kill my parents.

  3. Just want to double check and make sure my name gets put on the list!

    MIss you guys and see you soon!

    p.s Karen nice work on the run!!!!