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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

WOD 3/4/09

Rest day or Catch up day.
  1. Jen "Michael" 1/2 reps/800m. 27:33
  2. Jason "Helen" 9:20
  3. J.Lang "Helen" 11:56
  4. Mike "Helen" 19:55
  5. Andrea "Helen" Box PL/15lbs 12:03
  6. Karin "Helen" Blue 12:21
  7. Lisa "Helen" 12:37
  8. Krissi "Helen" Blue 12:11
  9. Clintom "Helen" 45lbs 10:40
  10. Christina "Helen" Box PL/15lbs 13:34
  11. Brooke "Helen" 13:41
  12. Tim "Helen" 17:25
  13. Steve "Helen" Deadhang green/200m/25lbs 16:00
  14. Diego "Helen" 45lbs 7:59
  15. Christina "Helen" mod. 8:58

    In the mean time check out our resident Crossfit stud Chuck on the offical Crossfit website today!!


  1. You know it helps if you keep this updated, for those of us orthopedically challenged west coasters who want to see what you're doing, to live vicariously through this blog.

    Also any word on T-shirts?

    Paul Siegel

  2. haha Sorry about that. We are still working on all the glitches. We will be keeping up with it from here on out! Girl scouts honor.