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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5 rounds with 3 minutes rest between each round:
20 Pullups
30 Pushup
40 Situps
50 Squats
Score is total time less rest.  

According to some this is one of the toughest Crossfit workouts. But be not afraid! All you have to do is finish one rep at a time and you'll get there.

This Saturday at 11 a.m. we're having a family fun day. Bring the kids for a great time and a great workout.


  1. Chad and I came to the conclusion that the 3 minutes rest between each round is designed to screw you

  2. Ha ha! no doubt. That let's me get my courage up enough to go another round and destroy myself a little further!

    What an epic workout. Feel good now that I'm done!

    Great job Vilas! Great having you there this am for the early crowd.

    Congrats to all. We have some serious firebreathers at our box!

  3. Vilas - agree, hard to hit the next round after the 3 minute break

    Becky, Curtis - great times this morning

    Karen - great job, way to add on the extra round after you thought you were done

    Russ - cool pic

  4. Awesome classes this am! You guys been rockin "Barbara"!

    Keep it coming!

  5. Thanks Wade. You gotta love Nate!