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Monday, March 8, 2010

"War Frank"

3 rounds for time of:
25 Muscle Ups
100 Squats
35 GHD Situps

 Sign up for your Bodpod assessment Saturday using this site.  You can also find it on the menu at right. We will be doing testing this Saturday the 13th. 
Marine Captain Warren A. Franks of Cinnicanti, Ohio, died Novemeber  25, 2008 while supporting combat operations in Ninewa province, Iraq. He was assigned to the 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaision Company, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa, Japan. He is survived by his wife Allison and his daughters Sophia Lynn and Isabella Grace.

We've talked about setting goals before but I've struggled to guide and quantify those goals.  But Hyperfit USA, a Crossfit Gym out of Detriot, MI has an excellent overview which I've posted below. I look how they've divided them by time frame.  It pays to look ahead with fitness especically for bigger events like Iron man's and so on.  But notice as the time goes from 1 year to 3 year the goals become more nebulous and harder to concretely define.  We'd like all of you to keep these time and goals in mind. We're in the process of creating programs that'll challenge you guys to improve on everything and help you to keep challenging yourselves.

Examples of Life-Long Goals (typically 3-5 year goals) 
1.    Slow down the ravages of time. 
2.    Maintain quality of life.
3.    Keep all health markers in the "fitness" range of the CrossFit Health/Wellness/Fitness model. 
 Examples of Intermediate-Term Goals (Typically 1-3 year goals)
1.    Significant Strength Goals - i.e. Deadlift 
2.    Train for special sports specific goal - i.e. Weightlifting meet, Triathlon, or bike event or similar. 
3.    General improvements in all performance metrics. 
4.    Specific body composition goal based on daily eating goals.
 Examples of Short-Term Goals
1.    Specific events or challenges
2.    Daily performance tracking - WOD performance and food intake. 
3.    Near terms sport specific goals - Benchmarks or races. 
4.    Training Volume - Number of times per week to achieve goal. 

-Paul Siegel


  1. Nate - Did the tenants think the building was on fire after my smokey burnout? ha ha

  2. Dude, I meant to take a picture of you lightin it up but stood there with my mouth open. I'm throwin the pics of your ride on the blog tomorrow!

    Don't know bout anyone else but that (Wallball-rope climb-400) put the smack down on me!!!