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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Laura finishing up the On-Ramp, ya'll make sure to welcome our newest member.
That's a whole lot o' kip. Getting close to that horizantel pull.

Three rounds of four minutes in which you must complete:
200m Partner Carry
Medicine Ball Squat Clean for Reps
Dumbbell Push Press For Reps

Score is combined reps in all rounds.

A round always starts with the partner carry. After the partner carry you have whatever time remains in the four minutes to accrue as many reps as possible in the squat clean and push press.

Just a reminder that tonight is the announcement of the Gut Check Challenge winners.  It will be at 6 p.m.  at the Taco Mac off of Perimeter Center West.  If you've not received the Evite or have no idea what I'm talking about don't be afraid to ask anyone of us or post on here.

Sunday's class will be at 10:30


  1. Who's the big winner?? I wasn't at Taco Mac...