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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucy comforts MackMo after a WOD.
Nirjari, Kathrine and Megan after meeting with Helen. Strong women throwing down at 6 a.m.
Three rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 1.5 pood* Kettlbell  Swings
12 Pullups

We will be returning your Bodpod results throughout the week as Chace get's a chance to put them on your tracking sheets. We'd like to say two things about the Gut Check Challenge, First we'd like to congratulate all of you on buckling down and getting through 6 weeks of healthy food. All of you have, in our eyes, changed for the better. You all look better and the numbers have kept going down (or up respectively).  Second, we recognize that some of you may be dissatisfied with your Bodpod results. 

If that's the case we want you to recognize that it is not a failure on your part. You all, most of all, will know the effort you put in. If you didn't see the results you wanted I'd like to ask if you feel better mentally and physically; if your seeing the results you want in how you look and how you're doing in the gym.  If you are seeing these results, than regardless of what the Bodpod says the Gutcheck challenge was a success. It is after all just a number and you are much more than number.
-Paul Siegel

*Russian measure used for kettlebells; common ones: 1 pood =35.6 lbs; 1.5 pood = 53.2 lbs; 2 pood = 72 lbs. Approx db equivalents are 35, 55, 70


  1. Wade and Chad,

    I have tried to take a Zen-like approach to all of the abuse you boys are pilin' on me. But, if you keep this up, I am gonna have to break out my Flying Brazilian Mojito hold on the both of you (ask Chace how that works...he says it was a snowboarding accident but we all know the real story).

    If you really want to know my Total yesterday just ask yo mama's how much they weigh and add it together.....

    Hugs and kisses,


  2. Lucy was a wonderful comfort after I pulled my back on my Deadlift last night. Still having trouble moving. The joys of Crossift, right?

  3. Andy - missed you this morning. Karen said something about a court appearance.

    Thought I heard restraining order and anger management training.

  4. MackMo - Know all too well about that DL back pull. I did it a couple months back and it brought me to my knees - luckily Chace and Paul were there to rub it for me. So nice...

    I knew I shouldn't have been trying to throw 470 lbs around. Ok, well, maybe it was like 310 lbs.

    You'll be surprised how quickly it goes away, especially if you ice it properly. I iced mine every 45 minutes or so, and walked very funny for a couple of days. Then, one morning, it was like the sweet hand of Jesus had touched my lower back and I was healed.

    I saw Andy's number on Total, and do confer that there is some good ole' fashioned smokin' going on. Great work man.

    Chad - I had intents of showing you how a non-paleo effort on Helen this morning could deflate your balloon a bit. I had intents, that is...Nate actually snapped a shot of me outside the building hunched over, about to puke on my shoes. Awful.

    See all of you soon -

  5. Andy what DID you get??? Did you beat my 780?

    Chris - You can try eating rocket fuel but I'm not letting you catch me. Nice pukie man!

  6. Andy, l...o.....l!

    Nathan, note to self...do NOT get 4 hrs sleep and do a heavy 21/15/9 bar WOD with Chuck Carswell.
    Deadlift/OHS ate my lunch. Don nice 11:12 on that bro!