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Thursday, March 25, 2010


How do you rest doing mucho pushups?


Farewell to a Friend
         As many of you may already know, one of our closest family members at CFSS is moving on. He has been an instrumental part of our staff in the level of knowledge, motivation, and pure friendship he brings with him. He has helped many of us through our toughest challenges and has been around to offer a word of encouragement whenever needed. His dedication to the improvement of himself and all of our family here at CFSS, has been unwavering. His presence will be greatly missed, but the spirit he has envoked in all of us will not be lost. From the bottom of our heart and the depths of our soul we thank you, Jonathon, on behalf of all of your family here at CFSS for everything you have done. You have touched lives and changed peoples futures for the better, a debt which can never be fully repaid. We will all miss dearly, but wish you much luck and great success in everything you choose to do in life.
      Come and join us on Thursday night at Teela Taqueria  to say farewell to Jonathon. We will be meeting there at 7:30 and hanging out till about 10. So, come have a drink and toast to good freind. 

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