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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bod Pod for time
Post change in Body fat percentage to comments.

We are closed  for working out Saturday and Sunday. Don't even let us see or hear about you working out.  Sorry for the poorly edited post yesterday, they all can't be winners.  Performance testing is next week please let us know if you're going to have an difficulty doing the workouts Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday next week.
-Paul Siegel


  1. I dropped 12 lbs and 4% BF! (from 204 to 192 and 28% to 24% now) Pretty happy with that given only 6 weeks of effort. (albeit hard effort!)

    My lean mass didn't change a bit so it was ALL fat that went away. Woohoo! Surprised I had such big strength PR's without gaining any muscle mass. I guess it's easier to stand up in a backsquat with 12 lbs less!

    Can't wait to hear everyone's results today!

  2. Congratulations Chad - great work!

  3. Thanks man! You getting tested?

  4. Ahhh. Just had a nice big cheat meal!! What a wait that was. Went to my favorite joint - Steak n Shake. Had a double bacon cheese burger, fries, chili and large milkshake. Sure was good going down but now I remember why it's bad to eat like that! Uhg. I feel miserably stuffed.

    Ok I'm ready for another 6 week challenge. Who is in with me?? I plan to go hard again and do the bodpod again too.

  5. Hell no - I'll wait until I can focus on a challenge...Been traveling way too much for that to happen right now.

    I think it might start easing up though - which is good.

  6. -2.2% body fat, down 2lbs of fat, gained 2lbs of muscle...

    Btw: Great job, Curtis, heard bout your results!

  7. I went from 23.6% fat to 17.9 fat. I lost 8 pounds of fat (no lean body mass lost). Went from moderately lean to ultra lean! I'm very happy with the results and hope to continue eating this way with the exception of occasional cheese and bread!

  8. Ok who is the anonymous that beat me...??? !!! ha ha

  9. Yeah I was kinda in shock when I got that printout. I lost a whopping 1 pound... haha.

    But then I noticed that my lean body mass went up 8 lbs and my body fat dropped from 11.4 to 7%. Still not sure I believe it. Sounds like I need to drink more beer!

  10. Nice job Chad, Isa, and Curtis!!!

    My Bod Pod results somewhat disappointing. Body weight was the same with a 2 lb loss in lean body weight resulting in a 2% increase in body fat.

    The Bod Pod technician indicated that I either lost 2 lbs of muscle or could have been less hydrated than the initial measurement.

    I've been improving in my WODs during the 6 week challenge and feel great, so I'm doubting a loss of muscle.

    Maintained a strict Paleo diet for the first 30 days of challenge. Added an occasional glass of wine after the initial 30 days, but was strict with the grains, dairy, and legumes throughout the challenge. Well there was the exception of a piece of cake on my wife's birthday.

    Think my downfall may have been SunButter. That stuff rocks!

    Plan to continue with the Paleo diet going forward, but will allow an occasional cheat meal during the week (for sanity's sake). My goal is 90% Paleo on a weekly basis.

    Tried to eat protein, carbs (veggies/fruit), and fat at each meal, but didn't weigh/quantify what my proportions were.

    Plan to start a Paleo/zone "diet" this week to see if I can get better results going forward. Will continue to IF by skipping breakfast most days and maybe doing one 24-hour fast a week.

    Still looking to "lean out" prior to summer.

    The CFSS gut check challenge has been fantastic. It was the push I needed to cut some of the remaining junk out of my diet and focus on the quality of food in my diet. Now I just need to dial in the quantity.

    Off to have wings and beer tonight. Really looking forward to my first beer in 6 weeks.