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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yes Sam, we all know it's hard to take Nate seriously.

On-Ramper Sandra getting that triple extension.

7 Rounds for time of:

95lb. Power Snatch, 7 reps

95lb. Snatch Balance, 7 reps

95lb. Overhead Squat, 7 reps



Performance testing is officially over! Although, if you missed Cindy yesterday then come in today and make it up. Thanks

Week one of the Paleo is coming to a close and we are ecstatic with how well everyone is doing with their diets. There has been a few set backs with some of you. Others are having a hard time dialing in exactly what you are eating; but overall we are off to a great start. We have heard many cases of improvement already, whether it is weight loss or just overall improvement of well being. We want to know how you feel about your first week. Post something to the blog, let us know how you feel, what are your thoughts on paleo, have you experienced any changes(good or bad)? Get on the comments page a fill us in on your first week.

Sunday we will be closed for HQ Rest Day.


  1. So today marks week 1 of Paleo; the diet has been fun, the workouts have not. I feel like this week feels like I just joined crossfit; maybe its the carb-withdrawal. Jonathan did say that we will hit our performance levels around week 3.Cindy destroyed me completely and I'm now quite sore. If I recall, last weeks Crossfit's HQ sounded brutal with Kelly, Griff, et al. Can't wait to try that and perish

  2. Ahhh...week one. I have stuck to the diet and as of this morning weighed in at 3 pound less than last Saturday. I have stuggled a bit with my energy levels (and this weird metallic taste)but hope to see all that level off in week two.

    A big thanks to Nate, Jonathan, Chace and Paul. This contest is a great idea to get us going on a better diet and exercise regime. I know I would struggle even more heading to work out if it were not for all your encouragement and smiling faces! You guys ROCK!!!

  3. Hello everyone! I'm a friend of Vilas's, and i'm a fellow crossfitter at Crossfit St.Louis. We've had a similar Paleo challenge that started about 3 weeks ago, so I thought i'd write something here just to let folks know what the experience has been for that amount of time. First of all - week 1 was hard. Energy levels fell a bit for the first few days, but somehow I was able to lift heavy and still go all out. Recovery however took a little longer. I craved sugar - and i ate fruit during the day, but obviously that spike insulin levels. What fixed it for me was eating more fat (the good kind)! I can't stress how important that was for my energy levels. Week 2 and 3 have just been a blast! No mood swings, increased energy, and a total loss of craving for anything sweet. MY advice - eat fruits, but pair it with a protein source so it doesn't spike your insulin. So far I've lost about 2 inches off my waist in 3 weeks, and about 6 lbs of weight (weight loss wasnt my goal - since I am 6'3 and weigh 210). Hang in there everyone! Things only get better as the weeks go on. Changes are more prominent and cumulative!

  4. I love Paleo, although giving up dairy is not easy...however, when I think about milking a mammoth or saber toothed tiger it becomes a bit easier. I feel great. I am finding it hard to eat enough protein, but I'm working on it. We are out of town at Brasstown Valley Resort and I'll have to admit it hasn't been easy seeing Phil eat that yummy looking bread before each meal. I think I am doing well with sticking to the diet..not perfect, but pretty good. Carol Davis

  5. What exactly is a "good" fat to eat?

  6. Beer, hamburgers, and maybe fries tonight. Yeah - that's right.

    I'm celebrating the modern times...

    Back to less carbs tomorrow. You're welcome, Chad...

  7. Killin me Chris. That really is my all time favorite meal.

    I DID just finish a HUGE fat juicy steak hot off the charcoal grill along with a nice little salad with olive oil/vinagrette so I'm not hurting too bad. I have really been craving some bread and cereal today though. 5 more weeks to go before I cheat though. Going to be tough! Down 6lbs in ONE week so as hard as it is to be good, it sure does work.

    All I can say is you'd better not beat me in any of the WODs if you're getting to eat so good!!

  8. Well, I was on a roll with this challenge until Friday. Couldn't make it in for Cindy, but was ready for a make-up on Saturday. That was when some nasty stomach bug hit both Paul and me. Fortunately, it's over now and maybe I can fit Cindy in on the next rest day, or whatever.
    As far as Paleo, it wasn't as tough for me as I expected. To my surprise, I actually stuck to the regimen at one of my favorite Mexican/Caribbean restaurants, which has the best salsa and chips I know. I miss dairy, but we'll see how it goes with reintroducing it this week. It sure will make for more varied choices.
    A couple of things that struck me about the diet (obvious, but what the hell):
    --The volume of food seems huge. It's probably the same as with regular carb intake, but it's so much more meat, fish, whatever, that it seems larger.
    --How much of the normal diet is "filler," that is, carbs. As delicious and varied as they are, the bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc., are not the foundation. It's tough to see a meal as complete without these, but it's probably just a matter of time and routine until that changes.
    --It's got to be more expensive. I haven't been tracking grocery costs, but if you're eating twice as much animal protein and fresh fruits and vegetables, it can't be cheaper. The low cost of most carbs is probably the reason why they became the filler to make meals go farther.
    And yes, thanks to Nate, Chace, Jonathan, and Paul for their patience and hard work this past week. I know I was especially cranky in the rain and dark for the 5K on Thursday, so I appreciate y'all putting up with that crap and more.

  9. Forget Total, Fran, Cindy or Helen....

    The Sunday WOD at the Porter house is to bake six dozen BROWNIES for Karen to take to the homeless shelter and NOT EAT ONE!!!!

    I challenge ANYONE to RX this one!

    Been a great week--thanks to Nate, Chace, Paul and Jonathon for an incredible amount of work. This is why we do CrossFit.

    Have a great day<

    Andy and Birdie

  10. Roger - you bring up some great points, and some of my thoughts exactly. Cost IS a factor in this plan. I think you have to work extra hard to plan out your meals so you can take advantage of bulk buys, discounts, etc.

    I think going completely paleo is almost impossible...Think about it - only eating grass-fed, naturally caught or farmed, "gathered from the earth like grok did" foods is tough, and expensive. I think the process could become very obsessive. (I think Joanna alluded to this earlier?)

    I'm trying to focus on some key things:cutting out refined carbs / sugars - which are abolutely terrible for you. Eat plenty of protein, good carbs, good fat. Ocassionally, I'm going to have burgers and beer, like I did last night. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Although I'm not officially participating in the lock-down, I'm experimenting. I've drastically reduced diet coke, I eat paleo (or close to it - a sprinkle of cheese on eggs just has to be there for me) for 2 out of 3 meals and snacks, and I'm trying very hard to avoid refined/processed food. I think I'm going to see results, both visually and mentally. Hell, you never know - I might pop in from time to time at 6:00 AM and smoke Caveman Chad on some WOD's - just to keep him grounded :)

    Best of luck to everyone in their pursuit - I've really enjoyed the increased blogging activity. And I'll see you guys this week, I promise. No travel for me, I think :)

  11. Chad - Sunflower Butter. Off. The. Chain.

  12. Ha ha! Just had a big 'ol spoonfull myself just now. MMMM.