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Monday, January 11, 2010

Nara and Jason finishing up the On-Ramp with style.
Isa on thrusters.


Rest Day



75 Squats
400m. Run
3 rounds of:
25 hip Extensions
15 Knees to Elbows
10 Burpees

400.m Run
75 Squats
We've talked to most of you about the Paleo diet promoted by Loren Cordain. For your rest day reading take a gander at this article from Emory's own Dr. S. Boyd Eaton which inspired the whole Paleo diet. Dr. Cordain also has a book about Paleo, called aptly enough "The Paleo Diet". If neither of those options look at all appealing check out this blog post. Prepare to need this information in the coming weeks.


  1. So what's up with the Paleo challange?

  2. Is anyone from CFSS competing in the Garage Games? I keep tossing around the idea.


  3. Wade,
    Expect more info tomorrow. A little teaser: Crossfit Sandy Springs First Annual Gut Check Challenge will start Feb. 1st and run for 45 days.

    I'm not sure but I'll post about the garage games (and the crossfit games) later this week and see if it will drum up something.


    255x3x3 Deadlifts


    Pullup Ladder 9 (+9) Found my Kip!
    immediately after
    Pushup Ladder 8 (+3) need some work on this one, but better than I thought.

    I can feel my pulse in my Lats. Tomorrow should be interesting.

  4. Great job today Paulimus! FRAN beat me down and stole my lunch-money = 3:26

  5. Richmond until Wednesday - traveling heavy the month of Jan. See you guys on Thursday. hate that I missed Fran - might have to make that one up!