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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blake rockin day-6 of the onramp
Noah on today's soiree

Three rounds for time of:

Walk on hands, 100 feet
Hold handstand against wall for two minutes
15 Handstand push-ups

Post total time to comments MINUS the six minutes of static handstands.

This WOD on paper looks like a 2% WOD, as in 2% of the population can do it. But remember Crossfit is infinitely scalable, there will always be a level everyone can do. Be brave and be ready to be upside down.

Here is an excellent introduction to Paleo. If you've got general questions about Paleo checkhere to see if it answers any questions. If you've already moved towards a Paleo diet and are looking for some idea for meals here is an excellent resource. Here is a shopping list to support the Paleo diet. If you never strayed from fast food and pizza, print it out and bring it to the supermarket with you. Thanks to Chad for pointing these out!

Around Passover Jews around the world must cleanse their house of what is called chametz. Technical speaking chametz is one of Five grains or one of these five grains that has been combined with water and let stand for more than 18 minutes. But the minutiae of Halakha are neither here nor there, the important part is that they have removed all grains from the house. Once we begin our Paleo challenge you would be well advised to do much the same thing, either eat or remove anything with grains in it, or do as the Jews do and burn it. Out of sight out of mind, and out of temptation. Perhaps a complete purge is more than you bargained for or your significant other/children/roommates will allow, than a quarantine of everything forbidden on Paleo will make it easier to identify and avoid. This is just one of the little tricks that will make the transition to Paleo easier.

N.B. Thursday Night Dinner will be at the Tacomac in the Prado just across I-285 on Roswell road Join us around 7 p.m. there for some good food and good times. Sorry for the late announcement.

-Paul Siegel


  1. Dang Noah - I think you just caused 5 more men to join CFSS based on that photo!

  2. How is the walking on hands gonna be scaled? I'm particularly partial to walking on feet.

  3. i think i did a workout yesterday called "jason"?
    whatevre it was it involved 250 squats and 50 muscle ups. brutal. Kristen and i can barely move.

    Nate- i don't have the pics of Chace shredding, they are on Becky's camera somewhere tho. also, nice job on fran!
    i did diane tuesday and pr'd by 2:30 with a time of 4:11. pretty stoked but still in awe of your 2:38...nuts.

    hope all is well back east, heard you guys were gettin snow and ice, that is awesome. its better tho when you can go skiing or snowboarding...like i am doing later today!! suckas!

  4. Paul, is there a Paleo diet for vegetarians?

  5. Today
    Snatch - 115x1 + 95x3
    C&J - 165x1 + 135x3
    Max reps GHD SU - 40
    Max reps kipping pull ups - 25

    You can technically go Paleo if you are vegetarian, but 1)it would be very hard to consume enough calories this way, 2)it misses one of the big tenets of Paleo, that we have evolved to eat meat and doing so is good for us.

  6. Thanks Jonathan! I have a friend who wants to try out Paleo but is vegetarian.