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Monday, January 4, 2010

John and Kiersten hitting kips.

Guess who.

3 rounds for time of:

12 Muscle-ups
75 squats

One of the many cues we use in the gym is "Knees out". We say this because you need to get your knees out, but more exactly we are asking that you push your femur in line with your feet. If you can imagine a straight line running from your heel through your middle toe and a similar from your hip joint and out through the center of your knee cap. Ideally when viewed from above we want these lines to be right on top of each other. If theses lines are not in positions, than we as coaches know that something has gone awry.

One of the problems we see all to often that violate this ideal is feet turned out to much. We only want around 30 degrees splayed out from perpendicular to your body. This is simply a placement problem and easily fixable: know where you're feet are pointing when your squatting. The other problem is knees caving in. The knee coming in stems from other problems. it can be cause by weak adductors and abductors muscles, these control the movement and position of the femur . It can also be evidence of an immature squat (something we'll discuss later this week). Both of these are cured with use and experience in the squat. As you get stronger and more experienced with this movement you can begin to "see" what your knees are doing in the squat. Forcing them out re-enforces ideal movement patterns and strengthens all those little (and big) muscles as well as preventing injury.
-Paul Siegel


  1. So I guess muscle-ups are too easy for everyone...where the #$&^* is yall today???

    (3rds)12muscleups/75squats = 14:41

  2. Karen's sweat angel!! I was there for it

  3. Back from a long winter's break wasn't feeling todays workout so I did my own, (one of the advantages of being a coach):

    Back Squat 3x5
    last round was 195.

    Trying to fix my own backsquat. Have a bad habit of favoring my uninjured leg. I then noticed that this happened whenever my left knee (the damaged one) slid in. Almost a subconcious protective behavior. Obviously tried to avoid my knees coming in and it looked much better.

    10,9,8...,2,1 for time of:
    20lb. Wallball

    Gonna call this one Evil McNasty Pants. Felt like chundering around the 7's. A rough one, but a lot of fun after the fact.

  4. Paul,
    thank you so much for your help today! I felt like quitting in the middle of the second round but your encouragement helped me keep going.

  5. Today's workout for us mortals who couldn't do muscle ups was pure torture. What a way to start the new year. Thanks Nate and Paul for the encouragement - they are days when I hate you guys and then there are days when I REALLY hate you guys.