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Friday, January 29, 2010

Jarrett on the b-day WOD
We had a great turn out for the Paleo lecture. Thanks to everyone who showed up.

10 Minutes Handstand Push-ups
5 Minutes Squats
2 minutes Pullups
1 minute push-ups
Total reps for all exercises.
Reminder there will be no classes or work outs this weekend. We are open Saturday from 8-All test are finished, strictly for the Bodpod. We won't be doing the WOD. We will not be open Sunday. You would be well advised to take this weekend as a rest weekend.
For the Bodpod:

Avoid eating a meal two hours beforehand
Avoid exercising two hours before hand
Don't uses caffeine two hours before the appointment
Men should wear single layer compression shorts (like bike shorts with no padding) or speedo type swimsuits.
Women should wear spandex-type swimsuit, or Single-layer compression shorts and sports bra (NO padding or wires).

-Paul Siegel

Daily Nutrition Links:
The Definitive Guide to Dairy - From Mark Sisson, Author of The Primal Blueprint
Calories in the USA(via AnaerobicInc) - Interactive charting of consumption between 1970 and 2007


  1. 8-1?...I scheduled my bod pod appointment for 2:10...is the blog wrong or is the bod pod site?

  2. the blog is wrong, we will be here until all test are finished.

  3. How do you cancel an appointment on the bodpod? I scheduled one at 2.30 before realizing theres an earlier time slot available.

  4. I've started using www.thedailyplate.com to track my food and I like it better than fitday. It has more brands and restaurants available for your food diary. They're both good though!

  5. Vilas,
    Send 'em an email although it may be too late at this point. Or just come at the earlier time.


    Zercher Squats
    Also called the honeymoon squat, the bar is held in the crook of the elbows and hugged to the chest. Different, fun, painful. My kinda squat.


    25 Handstand Pushusp (1 abmat)
    135 Squats
    20 Pullups
    16 Pushups

    First time doing Handstands with 1 Abmat. Felt pretty good. Will try going to ground very soon.

  6. Vilas-
    you have to call them @ 404-367-0299

  7. So who is having pizza and beer for dinner tonight?

  8. There are going to be some overstuffed and hungover people showing up tomorrow for sure! Can you say "carbload"???....

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtNPzpW5w3A

    I'll probably knock back a few. Well see about the pizza.


  10. 2 words wade: 'fried twinkies'

  11. What was the modification for the handstand push-ups? Thinking of trying this one at the house on Saturday.