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Thursday, December 3, 2009

*Warning* Video above contains some bad language maybe Not Work and/or Family Safe.

1000m Row
then 21-15-9 of:
GHD Sit ups
Back Extensions

Those of you newer to Crossfit should be aware that unless you have significant experience with GHD Sit-ups you won't be doing them in any workout. Glut Ham Developer Sit-ups are unparalleled developers of core strength. That being said they are a technically challenging move and not to be attempted without a coach's input. If you'd like to start doing GHD sit-ups in workouts, start adding them to the end of your workouts. Once the clock stops do 2x10 and then 3x10 working up to 3x15, start slowly and get used to the movement. You should aim for around 1000 GHD sit-ups as practice before you do them in a WOD.


  1. Still L....ove that video. Some fast times on the row WOD today! Vilas, great job getting up early to come train when BEX is here. Oh, whoops, Becky was'nt here this am. No worries Becky, if I did 5 days CrossFit back to back, I be in the hospital. Looking forward to "Lumberjack 20" tomorrow. Everybody, mucho rest and be ready!!!!

    "Joshie" 30:00

  2. When the change to the Friday schedule? Showed up at 4 today - no mas.


    100 pushups
    100 situps
    100 squats


  3. Chris, there's never been a friday afternoon/evening class.