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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The 400m. loop. Follow the red and green lines.

Thom is one our new crossfitters working through the On-Ramp, say "Hi!" if you get a chance!


Rest Day


400m run

21 Box Jumps 20"

18 Sit-ups

15 KB Swings 55/40 lbs

Did you know there are two types of kettlebells swings? There's the American Swing which we commonly practice in Crossfit. You drop into a quarter squat explode into full overhead. you should be able to see the ears in front of the arm's at the top position. The second swing is a Russian swing, this is culled much more from the posterior chain. You hinge at the hip, flex your knees slightly and explode from there. The russian swing only goes to eye level. Kettlebell movements are something we really haven't done a lot of in here, even though there a lot of fun! Kettlebells have come down a long way in price, yet they are still not as economical feasible as dumbbells for most people and gyms.

There is a whole world of Giveroy Sport out there for people to explore, with fun unique movements. This is a video of a timed KB snatch competition, it's kinda like watching paint dry, but then you realize those guys are swinging 72 lbs around like nothing for 150+ reps.

-Paul Siegel

Sunday is at 11.


  1. Great workout today Chace!

  2. Bawahaha what a brutal sunday workout - I'm glad I checked the website the previous night and took sleeping pills