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Friday, November 13, 2009

Roger and Curtis after "Tailpipe"
Jonathan pressing it out

5 rounds for time of:
800m Run
70 lbs. Kettlebell Swing 30 reps
Pull ups 30 reps

DROM stands for Dynamic Range of Motion. Especially when you see it in a warm-up what we're asking you to do is move your body through a certain range of motion to gradually warm up the joints and bodies. It is a much gentler way to warm up than static stretching. Static stretching has come under fire for sapping peak power form muscles as well as not preparing an athlete adequately for intense compound movement, DROM has been used as a better alternate warm-up. Generally we'll write up a mono structural aerobic movement (Row, Run, Jump rope) and then DROM following it as well skills work for the WOD. Notice we still ask you to warm up before jumping straight into DROM, this is because warm muscles respond much better to movement than cold, it's always better to get the blood moving a little faster before attempting anything athletic, even static stretching or foam rolling. Since it's dynamic you should build up a little sweat and get your heart rate elevated when you do it.
-Paul Siegel

there will be no class on sunday


  1. Jonathan and me-self going to Columns for a little road riding. 20 miles or so, nice and ez...

  2. So this girl calls me after Eva today, and she asks,
    Where are you?
    Me: I'm at the gym.
    Her: Wow, so you have been losing weight?
    Me: No; just my mind.
    I think that sums up Eva for me; and I tore my callouses doing those pullups and Paul was nice enough to spray acid in it.
    Great job Krissi, Karin, Chris and the others who braved it today.

  3. 5 rounds is 4 rounds too many.. WTF!!!

  4. Ahhhh - nice to be back in the swing of things. Had an incredibly busy week and couldn't make it in, but hey - have to make money from time to time so I can pay my gym fees.

    This workout was absolutely FUBAR. Even more FUBAR was Nate crop-dusting the gym and covering it up with Axe body spray just after we finished. Nice work Nate - buy some Beano.

    @Vilas - nice, new skids you have. I bet those Chucks improved your time by 23 seconds.

    @Karin & Krissi - I know one of you went to Auburn, not sure about both. We're gonna whip dat ass this weekend...maybe.

  5. Nice try Chris.....Keep wishing! Go Dawgs!!!