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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Joanna, working through Day One of the On ramp.
The proper position post-WOD as demonstrated by Georgia. Fetal allows maximum recover as quickly as possible.

Izzy's awesome Pumpkin.

Make Up Day
" Sucking Tailpipe"
With a partner:
50 box jumps
5 rounds
500m row
80 /55 lbs. Dumbbell Hold
50 Box Jumps
N.B.: Box jumps are split between the two partners. For the couplet while one partner is rowing the other holds the dumbbell in the front rack position.
"The Crossfit Mindset"
1. I will promise to do my best. My best will vary from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute. But in that minute, I will do the very best I can.
2.If I can run, I run. If I can walk, I walk. If I must crawl, I crawl. And when I make it, I will rest. And live to fight another day.
3. I fear no man, but I fear my workout. If I don't fear my workout, it isn't hard enough.
4. I may puke. I may cry. But I will not quit. Ever.
Just a little checklist of truths, thanks to Crossfit Watertown for suggesting these. This is the edited version, to check out a longer version look here.


  1. Today
    Press 120x3x5
    AMRAP 95# - 10 Reps
    Same as last week so rested and then finished off with 3-1-1

    L-Sit on Parallettes - 12s, 14s, 14s

  2. Filthy 50= 24:19, chewed me up then spit me off a cliff! Dont know why that one always makes me want to reach for the maxi-pads..

  3. Ryan.....4:18 on 30 mups!?!?!? Saaaawwwwweet!